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August 2002

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Jim Smith Jim Smith, candidate for Baltimore County Executive is a former judge on the Baltimore Circuit Court. His campaign concentrates on Smart Growth and the protection of the environment, improving schools, renovating neighborhoods and ensuring the safety of county residents. Jim has been endorsed by Baltimore Co. Fire Fighters Association, Fraternal Order of Police, Teachers Association, Baltimore Building and Trades Council, the AFL-CIO, many senators and delegates members of the Baltimore County Council where he served two terms as chairman. The Hispanic Democratic club of Baltimore has endorsed Jim and has began to work on his campaign. See Campaign 2002

John WillisMeanwhile, John Willis (right) is running for Comptroller of the State of Maryland, one of the most important positions in the state. Running against former Mayor and Governor William Donald Schaefer, Willis has received the endorsement of a good many politicians and associations, including the governor Parris Glendening. See Willis website here

Ken Oliver Ken Oliver is running for the newly created 4th councilmanic district in Baltimore County. Friends and supporters will meet with him on a FISH FRY AND RALLY on SATURDAY AUGUST 24, 2002 at 9322 LIBERTY ROAD, ACROSS FROM UNIVERSAL FORD from 12:00 UNTIL 4:00 PM. See Campaign 2002
Luis Borunda, presidente de la Cámara de Comercio Hispana de Baltimore con Bob Ehrlich y Michael Steele recibiendo un premio. Vea Campaña 2002

Jorge Ribas

Candidatos Hispanos en Maryland - Jorge Ribas (Republicano), Jaime Gutierrez, Victor Ramirez, Ana Sol Gutierrez, Tom Perez y Hector Rodriguez (todos demócratas) van a ser agasajados por la Cámara de Comercio Ibero Americana en el restaurante Cubano's 1201 Fidler Lane en Silver Spring, MD 20910 de 7 a 8 pm el viernes 23 de agosto. Miembros $30, otros $40. Ayudemos a nuestra gente a escalar puestos políticos de importancia para todos. Los interesados hagan sus reservas al 410-558-3510. Los vemos el viernes en Cubano's (un gran restaurante).

Chess ClubFiesta en honor de la Teniente Coronel Zeinab Rabold
El 15 de agosto en el Palacio Latino, líderes de la comunidad hispana se reunieron para celebrar la promoción a Teniente Coronel de la Policía de Baltimore de Zeinab Rabold, Puerto Riqueña, que por más de dos años ejerció el cargo de Jefa de Distrito del Sudoeste con gran éxito. See News

O'Malley and Norris On August 13th at the War Memorial Plaza building, Mayor O'Malley introduced to a Baltimore audience the new Police Majors in charge of the different city districts. Accompanied by his cabinet, particularly Israel Patoka, his Director of Neighborhoods and Head of the Baltimore Believe campaign and Police Commissioner Ed Norris, the Mayor explained his administration's efforts to combat crime. See News
Centro de la Comunidad will be celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month this year by planting trees to represent all Spanish-speaking countries from North, Central, and South America, plus the Caribbean and Europe. It will take place on Saturday, September 28th, from 10 am to noon in the smaller extension of Patterson Park. See News

Chef Pepe of Cafe Madrid in Spanish Town, BaltimoreGitech Graduates5th Annual Hispanic Workforce Gala celebrates its graduates
On July 26th. Gitech celebrated the 2002 graduating class -73 of them- in its many disciplines. Gigi Guzman, the school director and Chaiman of the Maryland Hispanic Chamber of Commerce directed the event. Kathleen Kennedy Townsend made an appearance. See Campaign 2002

Kathleen and Jorge
Top: Kathleen Kennedy Townsend and Jorge Austrich, President of the Hispanic Democratic Club. Right: Cristina Vena and Fita Bustamante during the event
Cristina y Fita

Tom Perez
El Refranero Español: El que mucho abarca, poco aprieta.

Tom Perez running for the Montgomery County Council
Endorsed by the Hispanic Democratic Clubs of Baltimore and Montgomery Counties, as well as many political figures, individuals and organizations, Tom Perez, a Dominicam American is the first Hispanic with great possibilities of getting elected to the largest and wealthiest county in our State. Dick Colon, Bill Villanueva and Gilberto De Jesus are doing a fundraiser for Tom on Tuesday, August 6th 2002 from 6:30 to 8:30pm at the Latin Palace. Suggested contributions range from $75. Those interested in helping Tom get elected can call the Palace at 410-522-6700 or email for more information. See Tom's profile here. and see also Campaign 2002

George Della46th district delegationGeorge Della is running for the 46th. District.
After many years of Perry Sfikas, a man who did more for the Hispanic community than anyone else before Martin O'Malley became Mayor of Baltimore, the 46th district has been realigned and George Della, a very well known and respected Senator from the 47th district. is taking the mantle for the district, which contains more Hispanics than any other district in Baltimore. Along with Senator Della, Delegate Peter Hammen, Delegate Brian McHale and Mr. Darren Petty are running for the House of Delegates. In the picture at right we see the 46th delegation, along with Richard Anderson, Ward Morrow, Jim Kraft and Gary Thomas, the last four running for the State Democratic Central Committee. See George Della's biography.
Two Baltimore Hispanic Candidates.
On July 30th, at its regular monthly meeting at the Latin Palace in Spanish Town, the Hispanic Democratic Club of Baltimore endorsed the two candidates for the State Democratic Central Committee. Beltrán Navarro, President of Navarro, Kim and Associates and Carmen Nieves, Executive Director of Centro de la Comunidad received "enthusiastically" the unanimous vote of the club. Beltrán, running in the 41st district is being sought by both the Verna Jones and Clarence Mitchell IV campaigns for their slates. Carmen, running in the 46th district will be the Hispanic Democratic's Club candidate to run in the slate with Senator Della whose group still has one vacancy. The club will request the Senator to include Carmen, a Hispanic and a woman, in his group.
Latino NightThe Hispanic Apostolate has two important fundraising events.

One is Latino Night at Camden Yards. If you love Latin music and food, you'll love what the Orioles have in store for the Friday, September 20th game versus Boston. The Orioles have generously discounted $13 tickets to $10 and will contribute $5 of each ticket sale to the Hispanic Apostolate. Get friends and family together and let's enjoy the Salsa (Food and Music). Game time is 7:05 but the party begins at 5:30.

Our other event is a Golf Tournament on October 15th at Greystone Golf course. If you don't golf, take advantage of advertising in our program book or helping to sponsor the event.

If you need more information or want to get tickets, please email Hector Torres ( and he'll make those arrangements. Let's all attend these important events and help the Hispanic Apostolate with its great works for the Hispanic community. See the larger ad

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Dear Mr. Bustamante,
It has been a long time since I received the last Coloquio magazine. You cannot imagine my surprise when I received a free subscription to its electronic form. Although I am not an expert computer user, I think Coloquio is worth spending sometime on the machine just to read the outstanding articles, news and other information about the Hispanic community. I am an old man and I miss reading the old printed Coloquio in bed (and sometimes in the bathroom) but again, just to have it back is a delight. Please continue sending it to me and let me know if you need any monetary help at all. Just in case, I am sending you a small stipend to help defray your expenses. Thanks for everything,
Jose Antonio Saltamendia, an old admirer of Coloquio

Editor's Note: Thank you very much for your kind words. I can understand why you missed the paper Coloquio but printing and Post Office costs made it prohibitive. Nevetheless you can print it all or those pages that interest you since Coloquio Online is printer friendly. Then, you can enjoy it anywhere.

Paco Mora
Paco Mora

Arizona Bar and GrillPaco Mora
"El esplendor de los honores es como un Sahara, un inmenso vacío..." Sedar Senghor.

Vivimos en una época en que todos los valores se acaban y solo sobreviven los que están incorporados a la estructura social. El dinero, el placer sexual, el deseo de autoafirmarnos o, sencillamente el de triunfar. En cambio, todos esos valores que necesitan una justificación intelectual y un esfuerzo personal para ser vividos son considerados actualmente como ideologías. Siga leyendo

Ana Luisa Queral
Ana Luisa Queral

Ana Luisa Queral
The Sign Man
En nuestra columna del mes pasado mencionamos que "por muchos años, Estados Unidos compró el azúcar de Cuba a un precio más alto que los precios del mercado mundial." Esto se debía a que la legislación de los Estados Unidos sobre el azúcar tenía un sistema de cuotas de importación para ciertos productores fuera de la costa, controlando así la competencia y fijando los precios para proteger a los cultivadores americanos. Se les asignaban cuotas fijas a Puerto Rico, las Filipinas, Hawaii, las Islas Vírgenes, y a Cuba se le asignó un porcentaje del consumo de los EE.UU, no cubierto por esas cuotas. Siga leyendo

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