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September, 2002

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El Refranero Español: La avaricia rompe el saco
Gala TheaterGALA Hispanic Theater Season
El magnífico Teatro Gala cumple 25 años y estrena su nueva temporada 2002-2003 con varias obras de categoría. Empezando el 26 de septiembre, y hasta el 27 de octubre, El lugar ideal (Cuba) en el Warehouse Theater en colaboración con el Washington Performing Arts Society. Vean el website de GALA aquí y la agenda para toda la temporada. Vean Artes-Cultura para más información.
The magnificent GALA, Hispanic bilingual Theater is now 25 years of age and begins its new season with several excellent works. From September 26 through October 27th, it will present The ideal place (Cuba) at the Warehouse Theater in cooperation with the Washington Performing Arts Society. See their website here and read Artes-Cultura page for more info.

John Fiastro Candidatos Hispanos
Nueve candidatos hispanos se presentan el 10 de septiembre a las primarias. Jorge Ribas, John Fiastro, Jaime Gutierrez, Victor Ramirez, Ana Sol Gutierrez, Tom Perez y Hector Rodriguez, Beltrán Navarro y Carmen Nieves. Esperamos que la comunidad se vuelque para ayudar a estos candidatos en su hora de la verdad. Los que ganen, que esperamos que sean todos, tendrán que pelear de nuevo con sus contrincantes del partido opuesto en las elecciones generales del 5 de noviembre. Buena suerte a todos y apoyémoslos para el beneficio de nuestra comunidad. En la foto de la izquierda, el joven John Fiastro nieto de Luis Queral y candidato por el partido republicano a delegado por el distrito 42 Vean Editoriales

Anton Keating The Hispanic Democratic Club of Baltimore has endorsed Anton Keating for Baltimore City State's Attorney. In reaching this decision, the club expressed confidence in Mr. Keating's experience and excellent resume. "Pat Jesamy's bad blood with Mr. O'Malley has created an untenable situation. We need new blood and although Lisa Stancil is a credible candidate, her lack of experience is a true handicap at this stage", said a spokesman. “Anton Keating has an excellent reputation as a trial lawyer. He is thoroughly familiar with the criminal justice system and is sensitive to the inequities lingering there from the nation’s decades of official racial duality…Mr. Keating’s record suggests that he would do all in his power…and the State’s Attorney has considerable power, to see that justice in Baltimore was racially blind…Nothing in the Keating record suggests that Baltimore blacks have anything to fear from him. The Sun urges his nomination.” The Baltimore Sun Editorial.

Register to Vote KKTImmigrants Health Rally sponsored by Kathleen Kennedy Townsend's campaign.
Lt. Governor Kathleen Kennedy Townsend will highlight her health care platform and vision for a healthy Maryland – and how the diversity of this region is part of the strength of Maryland. Other Montgomery and Prince George’s county elected officials and candidates will be invited to attend. Free health screenings will be available on-site, as well as opportunities to apply for health insurance programs. There will also be a voter registration table, too. The event will begin at 12:30pm on Tuesday, September 3, 2002. The event location is the common grounds on the Columbia Union College Campus, near Washington Adventist Hospital, at 7600 Flower Avenue (on the corner of Flower and Carroll) in Takoma Park, MD 20912. Call 410.433.7001 campaign headquarters, 301.613.1102 mobile phone, 888.606.4118 pager

Democratic Pride Reception
On September 23, 2002 from 6:30 to 9pm at Martin's Crosswinds in Greenbelt, MD the Maryland Democratic Party will join Kathleen Kennedy Townsend and Admiral Charles R. Larson for the 2nd. Annual Reception. Tickets are $50 per person. Call Carol Everette for more info. at 301-858-8818 or 410-269-8818.

Chef Pepe of Cafe Madrid in Spanish Town, BaltimoreCentro de la Comunidad will be celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month this year by planting trees to represent all Spanish-speaking countries from North, Central, and South America, plus the Caribbean and Europe. It will take place on Saturday, September 28th, from 10 am to noon in the smaller extension of Patterson Park. They need help. See News

Congressman CardinCongressman Cardin explains how to get into a Military Academy
The five U.S. service academies -- the U.S. Naval Academy, U.S. Military Academy, U.S. Air Force Academy, U.S. Merchant Marine Academy and U.S. Coast Guard Academy -- are making a big effort to recruit top-notch young American men and women who will appreciate an excellent, free education and a chance to serve their country. Applicants must be a U.S. Citizen of good moral character; at least 17 years of age and not have reached your 23rd birthday on July 1 of 2003; be unmarried; and have no legal obligation to support children or other dependents. For the Merchant Marine Academy they can be up to 24 years of age. See Features

Latino NightThe Hispanic Apostolate has two important fundraising events.

One is Latino Night at Camden Yards. If you love Latin music and food, you'll love what the Orioles have in store for the Friday, September 20th game versus Boston. The Orioles have generously discounted $13 tickets to $10 and will contribute $5 of each ticket sale to the Hispanic Apostolate. Get friends and family together and let's enjoy the Salsa (Food and Music). Game time is 7:05 but the party begins at 5:30.

Our other event is a Golf Tournament on October 15th at Greystone Golf course. If you don't golf, take advantage of advertising in our program book or helping to sponsor the event.

If you need more information or want to get tickets, please email Hector Torres ( and he'll make those arrangements. Let's all attend these important events and help the Hispanic Apostolate with its great works for the Hispanic community. See the larger ad

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Estimado Sr. Bustamante,
Los felicito, tanto por su pagina como por su iniciativa en defensa, no tan solo de un idioma, sino de todo lo que a ese idioma acompaña, su historia, sus costumbres, sus logros, sus avances, su literatura que sin pecar ni de ingenuo ni de exagerado es la mejor y mas completa del mundo, es triste ver a los angloparlantes llegar a cualquiera de nuestros paises y darse cuenta de la total ignorancia que de nuestro idioma y costumbres tienen, cada vez que uno de ellos llega a mi pais, Venezuela o cada vez que me consigo con uno de ellos en México, sitio que visito con frecuencia y en donde espero pasar mis ultimos años, siguiendo la mas fiel tradicion latina, tratamos de que lo pasen de lo mejor, nos esforzamos en entenderlos y comprenderlos en hacerles agradable su estancia en un pais distinto al propio, en cambio cuando cualquier latino llega a USA es triste ver y sentir de que no se recibe en Estados Unidos un trato semejante al que reciben sus naturales en nuestros paises, deberian aprender tambien ademas del idioma, el significado de la palabra, cortesia, buena educacion, porque como lo hacen, dejan muy mal parado a su pais y total en este mundo que es una simple aldea global, nos guste o no, somos todos, pero todos hermanos de una misma especie y segun los ultimos descubrimientos cientificos, ademas provenientes todos de una misma raza, la negra, nuevamente los felicito y les agradezco el haberme reconfortado al leer su pagina, sigan adelante y no pierdo las esperanzas de poder hacerlo personalmente. En espera de ese momento los saluda muy cordialmente
Federico Jané Montferrer
The Sign Man Dear Javier,
For a generation of Americans, nothing beats the memory of the aerodynamic rush from the great fins of a '59 Cadillac. or cruising with buddies in a sleek '57 Chevy blasting the radio. or any other defining moment of the car boom of 1950s suburbia. Less than 100 miles off Florida's coast, this memory is still a reality. CLASSIC AMERICAN CARS OF CUBA, which was seen on PBS stations this month, is now available on VHS (with bonus footage) with a pledge of support to local PBS stations or at The program shines the headlights on American classic car culture as it survives in modern Cuba, as seen overthe course of two days and one night in the lives of a peso taxi driver, a mechanic and a showgirl. Keep reading

Paco Mora
Paco Mora

Arizona Bar and GrillPaco Mora
"Si yo hubiese podido seguir tan sabios preceptos, otro gallo me hubiese cantado en la vida, y me hubiese ahorrado unos cuantos palos."

Escribir no está de moda, y no debe extrañarnos. Desde que allá en la antigua Mesopotamia, el pueblo sumerio inventó la escritura cuneiforme (del latín "cunei", que significa cuña) hasta los modernos dígitos por computadora han transcurrido unos siete mil años. Muy poco tiempo. Nada. Siga leyendo

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