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Alfonso X "The Wise One"

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(1221-1284 ), Spain. King of Castille and León


Congratulations!! This online magazine has gotten better and better. The articles are more interesting and varied. I have been sharing your magazine by forwarding it to my Latino contacts all over Maryland.
Yolanda Milam
Beltrán Navarro

Teatro de la Luna. DETRAS DE LA MARGARITA . 15 y 22 de junio. Siga leyendo
Beltrán Navarro dead at 57 Beltrán Navarro, a tireless fighter for the Hispanic community of Baltimore and Maryland died in Paris on Saturday May 24, 2003 of a heart attack. An extremely persuasive and prolific public speaker and writer, he had given hundreds of speeches in the region and wrote for several news media. His professional and social interactions with many different ethnic communities provided him the opportunity to serve as a powerful liaison in coalition building among diverse populations. "Everyone knew and respected him. He was the link that brought many people of different backgrounds together and the catalyst that sparked a passion for collaboration and partnership. Our community has suffered a tremendous loss and a good friend," said Carmen Nieves, Executive Director of Centro de la Comunidad in Baltimore. Keep reading and see plans for the funeral.

Teatro Gala
Puerto Rico En...cantado
del 2 al 24 de junio. Siga leyendo

Becas, Becas, Becas. See here for scholarships available for minority students on the web. Keep reading

Hispanic Internet Users In U.S. Now Exceed The Total Online Population Of Many Major Spanish-Speaking Nations Keep reading

Angelo SoleraAngelo Solera is running for City Council. Michael Olesker, always with a great nose for the developing story interviews him. Read it here


El Trovador restaurant

Federation of Hispanic Organizations
Gran Baile de la Amistad
Sabado 21 Junio, 2003
La Fontaine Bleu

Recaudación de fondos para la Susana de Moya
. Sábado, 7 de junio, en Patricks Restaurant, Cockeysville. Almuerzo a las 12:30 pm, $20.00
Chicken Caliente
Luis Gutierrez

Estrella Mendoza Estrella Mendoza, artist, painter and sculptor.
The excellente and young puertorrican painter who now lives in Baltimore. Estrella, of whom the critics have said has a "unique, profound concept of color" will show several or her works. Keep reading


Expo Andina. Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador, Perú. 7000 nuevas oportunidades empresariales en Washington DC. Vengan el sábado 24 de mayo de 9am a 6pm al hotel Hilton en Crystal City. Llamen al 703-256-0300 o a Sigan leyendo

Carpets of Andalusia
March 8 - August 10, 2003.

Textile Museum in DC.
Sponsored by Jaleo

Cafe Madrid
Latin Palace

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Refranero Español: Ojos que no ven, corazón que no siente
The Sign ManBeltrán Navarro
La súbita muerte de Beltrán Navarro ha sido una gran perdida para la comunidad
en general y mas aún para la comunidad Hispana. Conocimos a Beltrán hace unos años. En aquella epoca el era presidente del Comité de Asesores del Alcalde y nosotros fuimos a hacerle una presentación en el City Hall. Estábamos tratando de obtener permiso para construir un monumento a José Martí.
El inmediato apoyo de Beltrán fue un factor decisivo para que, unos meses después, pudiéramos dedicar el monumento de José Martí en la ciudad de Baltimore. Tiene para mi un profundo significado que la última vez que nos reunimos con Beltrán fue, aceptando su sugerencia, el día 29 de Enero de 2003. Almorzamos juntos para celebrar, con un día de retraso, el natalicio de José Martí. Por largo tiempo fue mi amigo y consejero. Nos mantuvimos en estrecho contacto por email.. Siempre admiré sus amplios conocimientos, su memoria y su buen juicio.
Como orador lo recordamos, emocionante, puramente Hispano, con dura lógica y con una voz modulada y fuerte que desdeñaba el amplificador. Irreparable es para todos su ausencia. Para su esposa y familiares nuestro más sentido pésame. Para la comunidad, nuestros líderes y para nosotros es un día de luto. Descanse en paz nuestro querido amigo
Pepe Herrera

In 1989 when I met Sister Lori Vega, and Gali Sanchez, to discuss the idea of a Centro Latino in Baltimore, that very same day I met with Beltran Navarro, or Bert as I called him. That day we began to fight the struggle here in Baltimore, that all immigrants fight, that of acceptance, equality, and respect. I then introduced, after a long discussion with Bert as to the impact/implications with the help of Johns Hopkins, and volunteers, the health fairs to the different Latino churches in the community, with pastors named, Santos, Nunez, and Carrion. It was a very hot summer, and el Centro De La Comunidad, evolved out of those health fairs, or ferias de salud, as we called them. He served as a board member for the Centro, and he was a tireless champion for our community. I will miss Bert, his wit, candor, wisdom, tenacity, and oratory delivery. To his wife Yung Mi, my family, and I send our deepest condolences; I always admired how they never forgot each other even though due to their particular assignments, on any particular day they might find themselves literally at the opposite ends of the earth. I will close by saying; if he were reading this, he'd say BilVil you are making a lot to do out of nothing my friend, keep moving forward and don't forget the struggle! Beltran, like the great athlete, public servant, or celebrity that retires, never to be seen again, I can truly state: You will be well missed, but never forgotten!
Bill Villanueva

Dear Javier,
In case that you are not aware, the funeral home has informed us that because bureaucratic delays in France, all the plans for the funeral of our good friend Beltran Navarro are tentative. They advised us to call them again Friday.
Pepe and Gloria

Mr. Bustamante:
My name is Carlos Abinader and I work at the Maryland Department of Transportation. I am really sorry to hear about Mr. Navarro's untimely death. I would like to send my condolences to the family.
Carlos Abinader, Office of Minority Business Enterprise, Maryland Department of Transportation

Por medio de la presente deseo hacer llegar mi sentido pésame a los familiares de Beltrán Navarro. Beltrán, una persona con gran emoción social, realizó incontables trabajos de ayuda comunitaria, entre ellos, los necesarios Talleres de Naturalización, con cuya ayuda, centenares de residentes del área, pudimos obtener la ansiada ciudadanía americana.
Descanse en Paz.
Ramos J. Céspedes

Señor Bustamante buenos días:
Por favor me podria dar más informacion acerca de la muerte de Beltrán? Quisiera saber cuando es el entierro y donde. Muchas gracias por toda su información acerca de la comunidad
Un abrazo,
Maria Peña-Faustino

Do you have anymore info on how Beltran passed away? I did not know that he was sick. I would appreciate any info that you may know.
Thank You
Ricardo L. Schiappacasse
Director, Latin America & Caribbean Maryland Port Administration

Can you please let me know the funeral arrangements for Beltran? I am truly sorry this is a big loss for the community.
Thank you
Blanca Kling

Thank you!
Tony J. Spencer, Coordinator
Community and Social Programs
City of Annapolis Municipal Building
160 Duke of Gloucester Street
Annapolis, Maryland 21401

Hola Javier, aqui te mando copia del email que le envie al gobernador.
Dear Governor:
Please do not sign (JUST, VETO) the liquor licensing bill under which no bar will be able to obtain a new (or transfer) an old license within 300 feet of a church or school. Since most bars in the Hispanic community are within the 300 feet of a church or school, the bill will affect badly the Hispanic community in the 46th district -from Fells Point to Highlandtown.
Thank you for listening and helping
Pepe Herrera

Inasmuch as they tend to be sensitive issues to discuss, I'd really rather not get E-mail that deals with POLITICAL or RELIGIOUS issues.
For the record, I'm one who believes that while there should be a separation of Church and State; there can be NO separation of the morality necessary to effectively manage either.
That morality can not be set aside every time there is a decision made for the governance 'of the people' - even if the people don't find that morality immediately palatable.
Nor can that morality be used to bully that people into accepting theocratic agenda that in no way benefits them or serves to continue the pre agreed ideals of our country.
See what I mean Javier?
Jesse Rice

Don't you think with one third of all liquor licenses within Baltimore city are in Southeast Baltimore that we have enough? This bill is an attempt to strike a balance between a healthly residential community and a community over-run with liquor establishments. Sounds as though you support serving liquor at school and church. Do you want to add slots there also? Cheers!
Jacki Gilbert

Dear Jacki Gilbert:
By now it may be a moot point, but I want to answer your email. I asked the Governor to veto the liquor bill, but you did not write to the governor, you wrote questioning our good judgement. With all my respect, I will try to allay your fears. This bill was specifically to stop somebody from converting an old fire department building into a bar. It has nothing to do with the number of liquor licenses (bars) that we could have. So, understand that the bill limits the distance from the church or school, not the amount of bars. You mention an I quote “ one third of all liquor licenses within Baltimore city are in Southeast Baltimore”. Please, one third of what?. Simple arithmetic. If there are a total of 9 liquor licenses in Baltimore City we are talking about three bars in the Southeast area and that would be OK. However, If there are one thousand bars in Baltimore, then we are talking about 333 bars in the Southeast.. That's a lot. Please give the numbers. You mention a “balance of a healthy community”. Who decide what the healthy Balance is?. One store for square mile or one every five blocks? Honestly, I believe that the number of 100 feet is arbitrary. Do you realize that I can put as many bars as I want at 101 feet of each school or church, not at 100.feet. Which is the difference? Feel better?. Yes, we support serving alcohol in the church. Not beer in the picnic, but every Sunday we have the offer of the wine and the bread that are consecrated. Are you against that?. Finally, about betting. We do not have, neither we want slots, but we have bingo every Thursday night for the pleasure of the little old ladies. I see nothing wrong with that. Please let’s be friends, If I bothered you, my apologies. Let’s have a beer and forget the whole thing.
Pepe Herrera

Cuadro de Honor
Hispanic casualties in Iraq

Remember, Hispanics are not immigrants, but loyal American citizens. They are the first ones to fight and die for their country, the United States. They gave us the must precious gift, their lives.
It is our duty not to allow anyone to forget their names and their deeds.

Killed in action 22
Lance Cpl. Andrew Julian Aviles, 18, Tampa, Florida. Killed on April 7, 2003, in central Iraq.
Capt. Aaron J. Contreras, age 31, Sherwood, Oregon. Killed March 30, 2003, in a helicopter crash.
Pvt. Ruben Estrella-Soto, 18. El Paso, Texas. Killed, ambushed in Nasiriya on March 23, 2003.
Master Sgt. George A. Fernandez, 36, El Paso, Texas. Died on April 2, 2003, in northern Iraq
Cpl. Jose A. Garibay, age 21. Orange, California. Killed in action near Nasiriya on March 23, 2003
Pfc. Juan Guadalupe Garza Jr., 20, Temperance, Michigan. Killed in action on April 8, 2003, in central Iraq
Cpl. Armando Ariel Gonzalez, 25, Hialeah, Florida, Killed April 14, 2003 in an accident in southern Iraq
Cpl. Jorge A. Gonzalez, age 20, Los Angeles, California. Killed in action near Nasiriya on March 23, 2003
Cpl. Jesus A. Gonzalez, 22, Indio, California Killed while manning a checkpoint in Baghdad on April 12, 2003
Lance Cpl. Jose Gutierrez, age 22, Los Angeles, California. Killed in combat in southern Iraq March 21, 2003
Pfc. Francisco A. Martinez Flores, 21, Los Angeles, California. Killed in action March 25, 2003
Chief Warrant Officer Johnny Villareal Mata, 35, El Paso, Texas. Killed in ambush Nasiriya on March 23, 2003.
Cpl. Jesus Martin Antonio Medellin, 21, Fort Worth, Texas. Killed on April 7 in central Iraq
Spc. Gil Mercado, 25, Paterson, New Jersey.Killed April 13, 2003, by a non-combat weapon discharge in Iraq
Sgt. Fernando Padilla- Ramirez, 26, Yuma, Arizona. Killed in action close to Nasiriya on March 28, 2003
Pfc. Diego Fernando Rincon, age 19. Conyers, Georgia Killed in car bomb on March 29, 2003
Sgt. Duane R. Rios, 25, Hammond, Indiana. Killed during a firefight in Central Iraq, on April 4, 2003
Cpl. John T. Rivero, 23, Tampa, Florida. Killed April 17, 2003, in a Kuwait vehicle accident
Cpl. Robert M. Rodriguez, 21, Queens, New York Killed in action March 27, 2003, close to the Euphrates River
Cpl. Erik H. Silva, 22, Chula Vista, California. Killed in action in Iraq on April 3
Lance Cpl. Jesus A. Suarez Del Solar, age 20, Escondido, California Killed in action on March 27, 2003
Staff Sgt. Ryan A. Tejeda, 26, New York, New York. Killed inaction in northeast Baghdad on April 11, 2003


Captured 2 (POW)
Spc. Edgar Hernandez, 21, Mission, Texas. Was missing March 23, . Rescued April 13, 2003, north of Baghdad.
Spc. Shoshana Johnson, 30, El Paso, Texas Was missing March 23, . Rescued April 13, 2003, north of Baghdad.

Pepe Herrera

Estimado Javier:

Gracias por haber publicado de manera tan destacada la noticia sobre la muerte de Susana. Será muy difícil, sino imposible, sustituírla como fuerza unificadora en la comunidad latinoamericana. Te abraza,

Alberto J Diaz


Coloquio no se responsabiliña de las opiniones de nuestros corresponsales.
Coloquio is not responsible for the opinion of our correspondents.

Emilio Labrada
Emilio Bernal Labrada
, miembro de la Academia Norteamericana de la Lengua Española, es autor de La prensa liEbre o Los crímenes del idioma. Pedidos a

Temas de Actualidad

Arizona Bar and Grill

A principios de mayo tuvo lugar en la gran ciudad de Buenos Aires un encuentro de trascendental importancia para quienes se dedican al ejercicio y estudio de la ciencia y arte de la traducción.

El IV Congreso Latinoamericano de Traducción e Interpretación –que así se llamó– fue una extraordinaria reunión a la que también asistieron personalidades del mundo de las letras como el Premio Nobel José Saramago –invitado de honor– que inauguró las sesiones con una amena charla sobre sus experiencias como autor, comentando, en especial, la traducción de sus obras al castellano y a otros idiomas.

Ttratáronse temas de la más diversa índole en torno a la actividad traductora e interpretativa, así como en lo tocante a su enseñanza, estudio, análisis y aplicación a múltiples ámbitos de la vida cultural, económical, educacional y social.

Hubo representación del mundo de las academias de la lengua en la persona de la Dra. Alicia María Zorrilla, miembro de la Academia Argentina de Letras, que estuvo presente en las sesiones y participó activamente en varias.

El autor del presente artículo, miembro de número de la Academia Norteamericana y correspondiente de la Real Academia Española, dio una conferencia titulada "Cómo evitar anglicismos o Gracias y desgracias del idioma", ofreció un taller sobre "La traducción publicitaria" y además participó en una interesante mesa redonda dedicada a "La traducción y los medios de información".

No hubo aspecto de la profesión que no se examinara, desde lo técnico y didáctico a lo literario, jurídico y hasta humorístico. No faltó, desde luego, el análisis del papel que desempeña hoy la informática en la traducción, junto con los neologismos a que da lugar diariamente, como "correl" (correo electrónico, "e-mail"), "ciberpágina" (página de red), "bitio" y "bitión" (inglés "bit" y "byte"). También figuró el actual problema de los anglicismos o, más coloquialmente, el empleo del espanglés (o "spanglish").

No en balde se dieron cita allí más de 1,400 personas de una treintena de países, hablantes de al menos una docena de idiomas. Entre los invitados especiales estuvieron representados unos quince países, mayormente de América y Europa. Cabe mencionar al respecto a Canadá, Chile, Colombia, Cuba, y Uruguay, siendo la más nutrida representación de ultramar la de España.

Mucho se destacó en la excelente organización y desarrollo de este acontecimiento el Colegio de Traductores Públicos de la Ciudad de Buenos Aires, bajo la hábil dirección de la Traductora Pública Beatriz Rodríguez.

Para ponernos a altura de la moderna tecnología a la que antes aludimos, vamos a recomendar a quienes deseen informarse mejor sobre este interesante encuentro que acudan al sitio de red de dicho Colegio, donde hallarán abundante documentación: htt://

Del buen yantar
Jose Ramon AndresSmall Plates, Big Plans. Jose Andres reigns over an empire of tapas and meze. What's next?

By Judith Weinraub
Washington Post Staff Writer
Wednesday, April 23, 2003

By anybody's standards but his own, Jose Andres is at the top of his game. Few chefs can match these achievements:
- Talented and exuberant, he is sought out for guest appearances at culinary festivals, conferences, cooking classes and demonstrations all over the country as well as in Spain. Sigan leyendo

Hainess Egas

Por Hainess Egas


“…¡Nací para ser actriz; no sabría hacer otra cosa!…”; nos manifiesta la protagonista de “El Loco y la Triste” , obra que muy pronto estrenará el “Gala Hispanic Theater” de Washington DC. Esta talentosa actriz ha sido traida exclusivamente desde su país natal, Chile, para estelarizar la obra. Ganadora del Premio del Instituto de Cultura Norteamericano de Chile, y comprometida profundamente con la preservación de las raíces indígenas de su pueblo, Silvia Marín, sin embargo, nació en Lota, una pequeña población minera de Chile. Sigan leyendo

por Hainess Egas

Hace apenas unos dias cuando tuve el gusto de entrevistar a Silvia Marín, la actriz de El Loco y la Triste, vaticiné que la pieza sería un éxito. Es que simplemente la enérgica combinación de talentos entre Hugo Medrano, esta actriz y la dirección de Abel Lopez. daría como resultado un trabajo digno del espectador más exigente. Luego de ver la obra me dí cuenta que; !no me equivoqué! Sigan leyendo

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