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Agosto - August, 2003







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Lea El Mensajero, la revista decana de la comunidad hispana de Maryland.

Famous Hispanics

Alvar Núñez Cabeza de Vaca

Alvar Núñez Cabeza de Vaca
(1490-c.1557), Spain. Explorer

How to save your own life during a heart attack

What you do during a heart attack can mean the difference between life and death. If you're having a heart attack and there is no one there to perform CPR on you, do the following:

· Immediately take a deep breath and cough twice, as hard as you can.

· Wait a couple of seconds, take another deep breath, and again cough twice. This will contract your diaphragm and compress the heart, causing it to pump.

· Call 911

This is a simple form of self CPR.

· Keep repeating the process until your heart begins to beat normally (or until help arrives).

· Once your heart has stabilized, chew and swallow one aspirin

· Take two cayenne pepper capsules or a table spoon of Tabasco sauce.

Aspirin will thin your blood and prevent platelets from sticking. Tabasco or cayenne will dilate your blood vessels so that blood can flow freely.

This a simple technique that can dramatically increase your chances of


Republicans in turmoil. The Hispanic Republican caucus has been directed by the Maryland GOP to jettison its chairman "or else" Uh, uh. Keep reading
Angelo Solera has another fundraiser.
Saturday, August 30th at 6pm
in the Latin Palace, Angelo Solera will congregate the 1st. District community to raise funds and expand on his views for the district. The last leg of the campaign is now drawing to a close since September 9 is the primary election day. Angelo, who has been endorsed by the Hispanic Democratic club of Baltimore, will make the final push to get the vote of the 1st. district voters to bring change to the district. Angelo expects you to be there.

The Democratic presidential candidate debate will air live from Albuquerque on PBS on Thursday, September 4, from 8pm to 9:30pm ET. Univision Network will air the program completely in Spanish on Saturday, September 6, from 11am to 12:30pm ET/PT Keep reading

Mayor Martin O' Malley has created an Immigration Work Group to conduct outreach to, and better understand and address the needs of Baltimore's growing immigrant population. The working group is as diverse as the immigrants that are coming from Mexico, El Salvador, Korea, the West Indies, Nigeria, Russia and the Ukraine. The search for a coordinator to staff and support this group is now underway. If you're interested, or know of someone that might be, please see and forward the attached position description. The salary will range between $50K-$60K and resumes are being accepted through the end of August. Keep reading

The Maryland Department of Business and Economic Development (DBED) and Baltimore City Community College (BCCC) will offer a series of breakfast seminars aimed at helping small and minority businesses. Keep reading
Spanish winemakers are raising a glass to the U.S. market, where a consumer backlash against French wines is helping to boost sales of other imported wines. Keep reading
Mayoral Debate
For the first time in the Democratic primary campaign, Baltimore Mayor Martin O'Malley debated his challengers, who attacked him on several fronts, including claims that he has exaggerated his administration's success at reducing violent crime. Keep reading

Mayor O'Malley dedicating a mural in Spanish Town







Los Amigos de O'Malley se reunieron en el salón de San Patricio en Spanish Town para celebrar al alcalde y sacar fondos para su campaña. Más de cien personas llenaron el salón y felicitaron al alcalde por el gran trabajo que está haciendo para nuestra comunidad. Siga leyendo

The Herbert W. Nickens, M.D., Minority Medical Student Scholarships
If you or someone that you know is interested in attending medical school you may want to look into this scholarship. Deadline to apply is April 2004. Keep reading
The Hispanic Democratic club met to discuss regular business and the upcoming elections. Congressman Ben Cardin sent a representative and city council people Melvin Stukes and Catherine Pugh also came to meet the attendees. Angelo Solera, candidate to theCity Council from the 1st. distric also came to present his views. Excellent meeting which the club hopes is repeated with the visit of many other candidates running for office. Those interested in the club should call the Latin Palace. Keep reading

Teatro de la LunaTEATRO DE LA LUNA abre las puertas de su casa e invita a todos sus amigos, colaboradores y público en general a gozar de una Temporada extraordinaria. Su Décimotercera Temporada 2003-2004, nos llevará juntos a transitar los más hermosos caminos, pero esta vez: ...Caminando Sueños... a través de nuestras producciones, el Festival Internacional de Teatro Hispano, el Ciclo de Teatro Leído y los Maratones de Poesía. Siga leyendo

Gala TheaterGALA Hispanic Theatre proudly announces it 27th Season of the performing arts of Spain, Latin America, and the Latino arts community of the United States. “GALA,” affirms Producing Artistic Director Hugo Medrano, “wants you to Take Your Place in an intriguing theatrical world that reveals the rich complexities and range of our Latino voices, from the classic to the contemporary, to the experimental. The season will challenge, excite, entertain, and engage audiences throughout the year in the place they know as A Theatre With a Different Accent.” Keep reading

Banks reaching out to Hispanic customers
The Federal Reserve Bank has estimated that as many as a fourth of the nation's Latinos do not have bank accounts. That figure has drawn a lot of attention from banks around the country, many of which have stepped up efforts to reach out to potential Latino customers. Keep reading

The Baltimore City Social Club Task Force
In the last couple of months, several city agencies have pooled their inspector resources to show up en masse, unannounced, in a number of drinking establishments and close them at the sight of a minimal infraction. See editorials

Hispanic Republicans and Ehrlich. Confrontation or persuasion? Despite the hard work done for the Republican ticket of Ehrlich and Steele by the Maryland Hispanic Republican Caucus, not one Hispanic has been named to any of the 125 top political appointments in the state. This is a dismal statistic, one that needs pondering. What to do? See editorials

Angelo SoleraSolera Stands Alone at Fells Point Cleanup. Pledges More Cleanups Every Sunday Afternoon. Press release

At the Patterson Park's Virginia S. Baker, recreational Center (Baltimore St. and Luzern Ave), Angelo Solera, candidate for the 1st Councimanic district of Baltimore had a fundraiser on Saturday, August 2. More than 200 people showed up for the event where we saw African American marching bands, Native American dancers and musicians and many members of other minorities, incuding the Hispanic. Keep reading

The Baltimore City Health Department has several jobs available on a regular basis. Contact Luis Hernandez, Hispanic Liaison at the Office of Hispanic Affairs 410-396-1562 Keep reading

The Baltimore Hispanic Chamber of Commerce will hold an event on Thursday, September 4, 2003 from 6:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. at El Trovador Restaurant to present
the candidates who will be running in the September 9 City primary election and to give them the opportunity to meet the Hispanic business community and to hear the issues that are important to the comunity. RSVP to Ms. Dee Roy at 410-332-8871, Keep reading

Charlie RamosCR Dynamics, a Hispanic company moves to downtown Baltimore. With the attendance of Lt. Governor Steele and Mayor O'Malley, among other celebrities in the fields of politics, sports, business and the Hispanic community, Charlie Ramos, owner of CR Dynamics offered an open house to emphasize the importance of minorities coming to town. He is also a model to many minority entrepreneurs. See business

ANTONIO SALAZAR forms exploratory comittee to determine his posibilities to challenge Elijah Cummings in 2004 for U.S. House of Representatives 7th Congressional District seat. Describing Maryland’s 7th Congressional District as a “district in need of forward-looking leadership,” the Hispanic Ellicott City resident announced he has formed an Exploratory Committee to solicit the views of 7th District residents and determine the degree of support that exists for a formal challenge to incumbent U.S. Representative Elijah Cummings. Salazar, a Republican, is Deputy General Counsel for Provident Bank and has been very involved in the Baltimore Hispanic community and in several organizations in Howard County. For more information about Tony Salazar, the Exploratory Committee or upcoming events, e-mail

New Granada MosqueGranada has a new mosque,
for the first time in 500 years, after Christians reconquered the city that was for centuries the jewel of Moorish Spain. The mosque, which sits at the top of the Albaicin, opened this month after more than 20 years of work to complete because of delays caused by local resistance, design problems and lack of money. From its ornate gardens, worshippers and visitors can look across a steep, narrow valley to the Alhambra, the magical Islamic palace just above the city. Granada's Muslim community already had two smaller mosques, but the opening of the elegant Main Mosque of Granada provides a new focus for the community and is highly symbolic, coming 500 years after Muslims were expelled from Spain. Muslims occupied parts of Spain for nearly 800 years before the Catholic Monarchs, King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella, reconquered Granada in 1492 and Boabdil, the last Muslim king in Spain, went into exile in Africa. The Ruler

of Sharjah, Sheikh Sultan bin Mohammed al Qassimi, the main financier of the new mosque, was guest of honour at the ceremony attended by several hundred people from Spain and all over the Muslim world. The mayor of Granada was absent from Thursday's ceremony, but sent his deputy, Sebastian Perez, who said the mosque would promote the religious tolerance that Granada already enjoyed. Arab League represenative in Spain Mohammed Maciri, welcomed the new mosque.
(Mohammed El-Sadah Maciri, Director of Arab League in Spain: "We hope this will portray a good image of real Islam, Islam that has been tolerant and has left here in Spain monuments that are the most visited in Spain and the world.")

The Fells Point Maritime Museum, located at 1724 Thames Street, opened June 21st. It displays highlights from the Maryland Historical Society's maritime collections including artifacts, models, and paintings. Another beautiful attraction to Fells Point and Spanish Town. Keep reading

Hispanics in the US numbered 38.8 million as of July 2002. Read here We are probably over 40 million now

Chicken Caliente Becas, becas, becas, on the web. See here Luis Gutierrez
Latin Palace

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Refranero Español: Para el avaro todo es caro
The Sign ManPrince George’s County
Hispanic Republican Club
August 24, 2003
Mr. Javier Bustamante, Editor
Dear Javier:
As a Latina that has been active in the Republican Party for over 12 years I found your editorial (Politics, Politics) right on the nail. At a recent non-partisan meeting of Hispanic community activists organized by the Governor and the Governor’s Commission on Hispanic Affairs, we were made aware that out of 4300 employment applications received by the administration only 82 identified themselves as Hispanics. As your article points out our community has tended to follow the fields of medicine and science with very little interest to political and/or government positions which leaves a small pool of qualified candidates. However, you will be seeing more Hispanics appointed to paid positions, commissions and boards. It is unfair to ask the new administration that has only been in power less than a year to correct the shortcomings of the past 36 years or to hire Hispanics simply to appease a small vocal minority. To borrow one of Lt. Governor Steele’s quote we will not only have a place at the table we will also have a place setting.
I would have liked to have seen the newly out-of-the-closet Republicans criticizing the previous administration on their deplorable record with regards to the Hispanic community. I would also like to have seen them involved in the Ehrlich/Steele campaign. Hopefully, they are here to stay and not just fair weather friends.

Carmen F. Camacho, Chair
Prince George’s County Hispanic Republican Club

P.S. In your article you did not mention the appointment of Ms. Carmen Pratt as Coordinator for Governor’s Commissions (Carmen is Colombian and a resident of the Eastern Shore) Also, Mr. Roberto Allen has just been named to the Human Relations Commission (Roberto is Cuban and an attorney with the offices of Saul Ewing in Baltimore)

Welcome back to Baltimore! I have felt a void here without your updates to Coloquio Online. It is, by far, the most informative source of current events in the Latino community of Baltimore City. Attached is a list of jobs currently available at the Baltimore City Health Dept. Please post them on Coloquio Online when you get a chance. I will send you weekly updates.
Luis A. Hernandez, Jr.
Hispanic Community Liaison
Baltimore City Health Department

Very good...very good; good for the Hispanic comunity of Baltimore. But what is the party of these new hispanic delegates? As well of Mayor O'Malley's re-election if all are Republicans...No way..! Bush wants to be re-elected after having invaded Iraq & after sent to kill innocent civilians Men, Women & children...looking for petrolem fields of Iraq for "his" and the allies transnational petrolem companies with the pretext or in order to "find...,biological & chemical weapons" many American soldiers have been dead or killed-even Hispanic soldiers who have been killed without being an American....And all of that"Only to be re-elected".No way!

Dear Javier,
Without any doubt whatsoever, Coloquio Online has become the premier web-based Hispanic Magazine in the Baltimore-Washington Metropolitan area. It serves all the Hispanic communities in the Mid-Atlantic region and it does it without bias or partisanship.
Dr. Jorge Ribas, Chair, Maryland Hispanic Republican Caucus


Coloquio no se responsabiliza de las opiniones de nuestros corresponsales.
Coloquio is not responsible for the opinion of our correspondents.

Emilio Labrada
Emilio Bernal Labrada
, miembro de la Academia Norteamericana de la Lengua Española, es autor de La prensa liEbre o Los crímenes del idioma. Pedidos a

Temas de Actualidad

Arizona Bar and Grill


!A tomar pasos se ha dicho, señores! Porque, acorde con el inglés, los pasos ya no se “dan”, como antaño era la costumbre, sino que se “toman” (siguiendo la pauta de “take steps”). Y las medidas, que hasta ahora sí se tomaban, pues ya no, dado que se han convertido en “acciones” que, efectivamente, como ustedes lo habrán adivinado, también se “toman” (”take action”). Por cierto, raro es que no hayan copiado el singular del inglés, que es más correcto así, en genérico, que el innecesario plural que le endilgan en español. Pero no, porque con el paso torcido que llevamos, calcamos, pero multiplicando los horrores.

Y yo, que de ingenuo siempre pensaba que las “acciones” eran las que se cotizaban en la bolsa y que no admiten el genérico sencillamente porque no, porque los lotes de múltiples unidades nunca podrán ser “una acción”. Pero ya ven ustedes que, perversamente, las “acciones” han dejado de ser eso para desplazar lo que antes denominábamos “medidas”, “disposiciones”.

Pero la pluralización innecesaria será motivo de otro artículo, ya que escasea espacio para analizar a fondo la poza en que va cayendo el idioma gracias al peso de los pasos. Y sí, de las “acciones” cada día más promiscuas. La noticia hoy frecuente de “‘las muertes’ de varias personas” (“the deaths of . . .”), plantea tranquilamente y con la más completa ilogicidad, la posibilidad de que la parca haga más de una visita por cabeza.

Porque vean ustedes. Todo está bien claro cuando se aprecia que el inglés carece de “gestiones”, “gestionar”. En ese caso pues, ni hablar: no pueden usarse. Antes, se hacían gestiones, se gestionaba una solucón, se gestaba una fórmula de avenencia entre partes en pugna. Pero claro, eso ya pasó de moda en virtud del poderoso imán mimético del inglés “actions”.

Eso sí, en lugar de hablar de la citada y ya trasnochada “fórmula de avenencia” se usa “compromiso” que tiene la gran ventaja de significar recíprocas concesiones como el inglés “compromise”, y al mismo tiempo lo de antes –o sea, “obligación”, “pacto” o “convenio”–. Es decir que cada uno puede optar por el significado que más le convenga: el primero, el segundo, o ambos. ¿Qué tal? ¿Les parece poco poder optar por una acepción, por la otra, o por ambas a la vez? Así, y no de otra manera, es como se le impone precisión al idioma. Todo el que haya firmado un tratado internacional con “compromisos” sabe lo útil que puede ser esa escapatoria. !Ah, yo creía que se trataba de la primera acepción! !Y yo, que de la segunda! !Ah, pues yo, que de las dos! Más claro, ni el agua destilada, amigos.

Y no hablemos de la expresión culminante con esta voz, lograda con la frase “solución de compromiso” (“compromise solution”), cuyo significado es un verdadero misterio porque toda solución implica, ipso facto, un compromiso. Ahora bien, si se trata de un “compromiso” según lo establece el diccionario Websterìs (¿para qué acudir al nuestro, ya anticuado?), ¿entonces ya no es “de compromiso”, sino “de mutuas concesiones”? ¿O es que . . .? Pero ya ustedes se dan cuenta de lo interesante que se va poniendo esto.

Como toda esta historia pudiera rayar en lo “controversial” (los mayores de cuarenta años, por favor, lean “polémico”, “controvertido”, “discutido”), voy a ponerle término al peso de esta poza para ir “tomando las acciones y los pasos” necesarios a fin de concluir este dechado de pulcritud y precisión, dejando en vuestras manos, estimados lectores, la decisión “de compromiso” que exija el caso.


Escribe: Emilio Bernal Labrada

!Ya sabía yo que esa manía de usar el atributivo "de acuerdo con", copiado del inglés "according to", iba a tener sus bemoles! Al "acuerdo" no hacen más que darle cuerda, y todo concuerda . . . !pero mal!

Ya ni me acuerdo, si es que cuerdo soy, de la época en que se usaba el simple "según" para atribuir una cita, expresión o concepto. Porque ahora, todo es "de acuerdo con" y, cuando no, "de acuerdo a", que a más de ser confuso, incurre en error de concordancia prepositiva.

Estoy casi seguro que ya pronto cambiarán también la milenaria tradición conforme a la cual los libros de la Sagrada Biblia se llaman "El Evangelio según San Marcos", "según San Juan", etc., y pasarán a ser "de acuerdo con".

Pero vamos al hecho que nos interesa y que demuestra el peligro del "acuerdo". En efecto, nos han dado una importante noticia internacional que reza así: "Los terroristas, de acuerdo con la India, reciben apoyo de Pakistán". Así que los terroristas actúan de acuerdo con la India y reciben apoyo de Pakistán, ¿eh? ¿Pues no sería eso motivo de otra guerra, esta vez contra la India y Pakistán, que al parecer son cómplices del movimiento terrorista en esa región del mundo? Lógico, porque hay acuerdo con la India y ayuda de Pakistán.

Así hay que interpretarlo, porque si hubieran querido decir que se trata de una opinión o afirmación de la India acerca de esa amenaza, hubieran dicho "SEGÚN la India".

Entre paréntesis, no sería la primera vez que se desencadena una guerra o se produce una inhumana hecatombe por el uso equívoco del lenguaje. Aunque no se crea, semioculto entre los anales de la Segunda Guerra Mundial está el dato de que las bombas atómicas empleadas contra el Japón, con todos sus estragos, se lanzaron debido a un error de traducción.

Se dio el caso de que el primer ministro Suzuki respondió al mensaje de Potsdam, en que los aliados fijaban los términos de su rendición, usando la ambigua voz "mokusatsu", que tiene dos significados: 1) "se está considerando (el planteamiento) antes de tomar una decisión", y 2) "se le hace caso omiso, no se toma en cuenta". De más está decir que los aliados interpretaron la enigmática palabreja con el segundo sentido, por lo que vieron con desaliento la sangrienta prolongación de la guerra. Aquende el Pacífico, Truman no se mostró dispuesto a andar con dimes y diretes y optó por lanzar el terrible ataque atómico para convencerlos de que sí debían hacerle caso y rendirse de una vez.

Volviendo al tema que nos ocupa, señalemos que del mismo tenor, aunque afortunadamente sin tan trágicas consecuencias, es un lamentable y muy recurrente tipo de noticia : "Juan, de acuerdo con Pedro, asaltó el banco". Entonces, Juan asaltó el banco tras haberse puesto de acuerdo con Pedro, ¿no? De lo que resulta, lógicamente, que Pedro es cómplice del delito. ¿O es que . . . ? Pero bueno, ustedes ya se dan cuenta.

El destino de Pedro "depende", pues, de la interpretación que se le dé a la frase. Fíjense que no hemos dicho "dependiendo de" (copia de "depending on"), que ya es otra historia que dejamos "pendiente" para otra ocasión.

En vista de lo cual, cabe advertir que el empleo preciso del idioma puede ser, y con frecuencia es, cosa de vida o muerte. Menudo problema nos crean los anglicismos –en este caso es, más que simple término univerbal, toda una ambigua frase– cuando el idioma se retuerce, se alarga y se vuelve indescifrable por la pereza de no pensar en español, si no por el afán de imitar un mal modelo.

Francamente, que me perdone San Jerónimo, trasladante de la Biblia y patrono de los traductores, pero no me den más cuerda, que no me ACUERDO, ni RECUERDO, ni CUERDO soy, si no le doy al santo su SEGÚN-do.

Eric GoodmanEric D. Goodman is a professional writer and editor. He is winner of the Newsletter on Newsletter’s Gold Award for superior electronic newsletter editing and is a two-time finalist in the Chesterfield Writer’s Film Project founded by Steven Spielberg’s Amblin Entertainment. Eric writes both fiction and non-fiction. One of his novels, Thirteen to Gorky, is set in Russia. Eric resides in Baltimore, Maryland with his wife and daughter. Contact Eric at to discuss reading, writing and Russia.

Travel - Viajes

Vodka in the Sun I: One Russian Summer

By Eric D. Goodman

Ahh, summertime in Russia. Whether you’re toasting with vodka in the fresh air of a countryside garden, relaxing with a bottle of vodka in a streetside café shadowed by the Kremlin or sipping vodka on a river cruise watching the scenery pass by, summertime in Russia is like nothing else.

Actually, less vodka is consumed in Russian summer than in Russian winter. During the winter months vodka is a necessity to keep warm, some will tell you. Beer is a better coolant for Russian summer. Dark, strong Russian beer, chilled Bulgarian wine and kvas, a carbonated drink made with fermented bread, are more common in summer. But the vodka is still there.

Of course, these are shameless generalities. The truth is, it is impossible to define Russia in one article or from one perspective, just as it is impossible to so easily define America—or more so when you consider that Russia is more than three times the size of the United States.

Condensing an eventful month in the central part of Russia to one commentary is a task comparable to the nation itself—enormous. But having been to the motherland five times in the past 10 years – sometimes living there for months and months at a time, it’s about time for this writer to take up the task. Keep reading

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Yoni the immigrant

MD Hispanic Chamber of Commerce