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Diciembre - December, 2003

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Election 2004




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Baltimore Mayor's Hispanic Liaison Office

Abra su propio negocio desde su casa

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El Refranero Español: Aunque la mona se vista de seda, mona se queda.

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Lea El Mensajero, la revista decana de la comunidad hispana de Maryland.

Famous Hispanics

Pablo Casals

Pablo Casals
(1876–1973), Spain. Cellist

How to save your own life during a heart attack

What you do during a heart attack can mean the difference between life and death. If you're having a heart attack and there is no one there to perform CPR on you, do the following:

· Immediately take a deep breath and cough twice, as hard as you can.

· Wait a couple of seconds, take another deep breath, and again cough twice. This will contract your diaphragm and compress the heart, causing it to pump.

· Call 911

This is a simple form of self CPR.

· Keep repeating the process until your heart begins to beat normally (or until help arrives).

· Once your heart has stabilized, chew and swallow one aspirin

· Take two cayenne pepper capsules or a table spoon of Tabasco sauce.

Aspirin will thin your blood and prevent platelets from sticking. Tabasco or cayenne will dilate your blood vessels so that blood can flow freely.

This a simple technique that can dramatically increase your chances of survival.

Coloquio desea a nuestros lectores unas Felices Fiestas y Un Próspero Año Nuevo 2004
Bells and Mistletoe
Coloquio wishes our readers Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year 2004
Emiliano Mercado de Puerto Rico. A Puerto Rican, the oldest man alive: 112!
Emiliano Mercado del Toro remembers little of his time as an American soldier, the only stretch of his working life spent away from the sugar cane plantations of southwestern Puerto Rico, where he was born.
That he remembers anything is remarkable, for Don Emiliano, as he is known around this seaside town, is 112: a frail, blind, nearly deaf wisp of a man living with his 86-year-old niece in her small stucco home here in Isabela. He served in World War I for just two months in 1918, then returned to the sugar cane fields and retired at 80. Keep reading
Spiritual holiday journey helps keep heritage alive
Latinos in the Annapolis area celebrate Christmas with a traditional festival modeled on the travels of Mary and Joseph. Keep reading
A bill that would bar illegal aliens from obtaining driver's licenses is gaining bipartisan support among Maryland lawmakers. "I think this is a bill that cuts across party lines," said Delegate Herbert H. McMillan, Anne Arundel County Republican who filed the bill last week. "I don't think it even has to have a party stamp on it." Keep reading
Roberto Allen, new President of the Baltimore Hispanic Chamber of CommerceThe Baltimore Hispanic Chamber of Commerce had its Christmas Party at Gecko's restaurant in Fells Point where they had a Toy Drive and celebrated elections for the Executive Board. The Toy Drive raised $3,000 so far for the toy drive (and it's not too late to give, they tell us). Keep reading La obesidad infantil y la comunidad hispana
La obesidad infantil es un problema complejo cuyas soluciones no son fáciles. Esta tendencia está aumentando a una velocidad alarmante: de acuerdo con la Asociación Estadounidense contra la Obesidad, 15.3 por ciento de los niños de todo el país se consideran obeso.Siga leyendo
Childhood Obesity and the Hispanic Community
Childhood obesity is a complex problem with no easy solutions. This trend is increasing at an alarming rate with 15.3 percent of children nationally considered obese according to the American Obesity Association. Keep reading Delegate Ramirez's letter

Lawmakers say bill may hinder Latino outreach
Advocacy groups and officials say that if an immigration bill becomes law it could strain police relations and make it harder for public agencies to do outreach to emerging Latino communities. The bill, known as the Clear Law Enforcement for Criminal Alien Removal Act of 2003, or CLEAR Act, calls for tighter enforcement on the local level of federal immigration law. The mayor of Baltimore and the county executive of Montgomery County, two Maryland jurisdictions with significant Latino populations, have written to Maryland's federal lawmakers urging them to oppose the legislation. Keep reading.
And the horror stories have begun. See here Although Tom Ridge may give green cards to all undocumented aliens now in the US. Keep reading

A corpse. A silent young man. And a detective who becomes his own worst enemy… GALA Hispanic Theatre presents El ángel de la culpa (The Angel of Guilt) by Marco Antonio de la Parra. Directed by Gabriel García Keep reading and also See here

Gaby De WittMs. Gabriela Medina DeWitt teaches free English classes for native Spanish-speakers in Woodlawn. The classes are held on Thursday evenings at St. Gabriel’s Catholic Church in Woodlawn. Call 410-265-1523
Invest in Spain
Today Spain is the sixth largest manufacturer in the world and the third in Europe, ahead of the UK and Italy, and just behind Germany and France. Keep reading


Luis Gutierrez
Financing Basics. Whether you're starting a business or expanding one, sufficient ready capital is essential. Franchising 101. Because of the risk and work involved in starting a new business, many new entrepreneurs choose franchising as an alternative to starting a new, independent business from scratch. Is it for you? Keep reading

Latin Palace

Letters - Cartas

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The Sign ManJavier,
The best to you too. You are doing a great job. May 2004 bring you the greatest rewards. E Pluribus Unum,
Lynn Sigüenza
Mr. Bustamante,
The Asociacion Dominicana of Maryland would like to wish you and your family Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year 2004!
Be safe, be strong!
Best wishes to you, too! Thank you for all you do!
Danilsa & Paul Marciniak
The same to you, fellow. Salud y buen vino, con Feliz Año Nuevo.
Naty y Luis Rosell
Hi Javier,
You asked for contributors and here we are helping you succeed with Coloquio online. This (accompanying) article portrays the intense entrepreneurial energy of the Latino community along the I-270 North and I-70 West corridors in Western Maryland. Eight years ago there were no Hispanic-owned businesses in Gaithersburg, today there are over forty with no great help from anybody including banks. No one of our members have asked for a government handout--they started low and went slow and when the time was right they expanded the existing business or open new ones in the same neighborhood. Six months ago we started with three members, we now have close to forty businesses and we are poised to meet our goal of 100 members in 2004 and achieve a membership renewal rate of 90+%. We have been fortunate to have had a city government that did not put roadblocks in our path beyond the usual bureaucratic hurdles most businesses encounters. The same is happening in Germantown, Frederick and Hagerstown. The latest business to open in Frederick is Cafe Latino. For your information, I am enclosing a flyer. I am happy to say that he Hispanic communities in Montgomery, Frederick and Howard Counties are leading the way in homeownership and entrepreneurial spirit in Maryland in large part because of the quality government and altruistic residents we are lucky to have. I don't believe you reproduce a series of editorials that appear in the Baltimore Sun about the anti-immigrant spirit that permeates most of the Baltimore region.
I was disappointed that you did not reproduce the two El Tiempo Latino editorials about the lack of Hispanics appointments to top paid positions in the Ehrlich administration. The same can be said about Mayor O'Malley's administration and yet there is a deafening silence in your editorials. Talking about the 100+ Spanish-speaking police officers is fine, but it is beginning to sound like a broken record. Maybe the coming year will make Coloquio editorial more balanced.
Jorge Ribas, President
Western Maryland Hispanic Chamber of Commerce
Miriam Baldwin y el Instituto de Educacion Infantil, le desean a Javien, y a Coloquio miles de bendiciones para este año que se inicia y que todos sus deseos se hagan realidad. Abrazos.
Javier: Sólo para agradecerte el gran servicio que haces con estos "updates" que nos ponen al tanto de lo que ocurre o vendrá. Beltrán (Navarro) trataba de hacer algo parecido...
Un abrazo.
Enrique Codas
Mr. Bustamante -
The MLCFJ operates a listserve. We would be happy to post the ColoquioOnline to our listserve (which has around 180 subscribers). If you are interested, someone must subscribe to the listserve (or someone may already be on the listserve) and simply send the webpage each month to
Great work on the magazine. Sincerely,
Kimberley Propeack, Esq.
Advocacy Director, CASA of Maryland, Inc.


Coloquio no se responsabiliza de las opiniones de nuestros corresponsales.
Coloquio is not responsible for the opinion of our correspondents.

Emilio Labrada
Emilio Bernal Labrada
, miembro de la Academia Norteamericana de la Lengua Española, es autor de La prensa liEbre o Los crímenes del idioma. Pedidos a


Arizona Bar and GrillLanguage, Our Daily Fiesta


No, amigos, no es un error de ortografía. Es simplemente el nuevo idioma que se habla en Italia, de donde acabamos de llegar de una gira de un par de semanas.
La buena nueva es que no estamos solos, ni por asomo, en la novedosa enfermedad mundial que vamos a bautizar con el nombre de “anglicitis”. Eso sí, el caso italiano es de veras grave. No “crítico”, como suelen decir los anglomaniáticos de la prensa; lo único crítico en este caso es más bien con el acento en la segunda i, o sea critíco (usando licencia ortográfica, que no poética).
El “bel paese”, como llaman los ítalos a su país, casi se compara con nosotros en su afición al anglicismo, aunque en algunos detalles nos supera ampliamente, aplastando al espanglés a su mínima expresión. No es que gusten de hablar inglés ni nada por el estilo, ya que en eso son, por así decirlo, muy nacionalistas. Pero son selectivos y tratándose de voces individuales dejan a un lado la tradición del Lacio cada vez que pueden. Y hablamos de la lengua escrita no menos que de la hablada.
Entre las voces que se escriben o dicen en inglés figuran “computer”, “PC” (o sea “Personal Computer”), “software” (era de esperar), “design” (¿qué pasó con su equivalente en italiano, “disegno”?), “jackpot”, “shopping”, “discount” (¿haría falta para desplazar a “sconto”?), “mystery”, “serial killer”, “spray”, “task force”, “puzzle” y “weekend”.
Claro que estas dos últimas voces han cruzado la “frontera” con el francés, que ya desde hace tiempo las ha abrazado firmemente. No podemos decir eso de “shopping”, aunque se infiltre de cuando en vez en el idioma galo. La locura del “shopping” ha tomado a Italia por asalto –y nos referimos a la la costumbre tanto como a la palabra–. Ya de “fare le compre” ni se habla, pues la frase está como pasada de moda. Los titulares periodísticos, al igual que los anuncios navideños, proclaman el “shopping” como cosa de todos los días.
Por si esto les parece poco, siéntense porque aquí viene lo bueno. Aunque ustedes no lo crean, hay un ramo del gobierno italiano que lleva por nombre –al menos según aparece en los diarios– “Ministerio del Welfare”. Nada menos que el titular del cargo aparece retratado en el Corriere de la Sera con un pie de grabado que reza “Ministro del Welfare”. Luego, por si hubiere duda, se repite la frase en el texto de la noticia. Pregunta: ¿no habrá también un “Ministerio de Language and Culture”?
Ya ven ustedes, estimados amigos, que el “inglaliano” hace estragos en el país de origen de la latinidad. Pero no se preocupen, que el napolitano y el siciliano, hablados comúnmente a toda velocidad (no así el romano culto, mucho más pausado y preciso), siguen siendo tan incomprensibles como siempre. O peor.
Buona fortuna, amici!


Bien, amigos, ya saben ustedes, sin más detalles, el “curso” al que me refiero, que supuestamente sirve para aprender el inglés “sin barreras”, y que anuncian incesante e insistentemente por la televisión como la gran maravilla para los hispanohablantes que quieran salir adelante. Sigan leyendo


Bueno, amigos, no queremos incursionar el sensacionalismo ni tocar siquiera temas escabrosos -perdón, de esos que hoy se califican de «sensitivos»- pero no queda más remedio.
Aunque tratamos de no prestar demasiada atención a los yerros telenoticieros, cuya abrumadora abundancia tiende a opacar el mensaje de fondo, a veces la imprecisión es tanta que queda latente en el subconsciente (por no hablar del superconsciente, si es que tal cosa existe). Sigan leyendo

Larry DeWitt is an historian and self-described political populist. Larry is a specialist in 20th century U.S. history and public policy. Born in the Southwestern U.S., he has lived in the East for the last 18 years. His commentaries on politics and society still retain the populist spirit of the rural West. See Larry’s past columns here


Election 2004

The recent Newsweek poll says 86% of Republicans will vote to re-elect Bush and 10% will not; among Democrats the percentages are precisely reversed. Which means the election will be determined by the Independent vote. The independent vote (with no actual Democrat candidate) is 50% against Bush, 43% in favor. There is the Democrats' opening. Keep reading

Iraq and Liberal Interventionism in American Foreign Policy– PART 1

In mid-November the President of the United States stood in historic 17th century Banqueting House of Whitehall Palace in London and spoke to the British aristocracy–and through the media to the British people and to the world–about the war in Iraq. The Banqueting House haS been the setting for state banquets and for similar speeches for nearly four hundred years. On that afternoon in November 2003 the speaker of the moment reminded a listener of no one so much as Winston Churchill, who roamed the rooms of Whitehall for sixty years himself. Keep reading

Iraq and Liberal Interventionism in American Foreign Policy- PART 2

Now that we understand there are two varieties of isolationism and two varieties of interventionism we can look at a couple of examples of how these four ideas affected America's foreign policy in the 20th century, and what we have to learn from them. Keep reading

Ajedrez, por Pepe Herrera

La semana pasada se celebró un match de ajedrez entre Kasparov, el mejor jugador del mundo y "Deep Junior", el "World Computer Chess Champion". En otras palabras, se desafiaron; el mejor jugador humano, contra el mejor sistema electrónico de jugar al ajedrez. El match consistió de 4 juegos y terminó en un empate con un juego ganado, uno perdido y dos tablas para cada uno. Kasparov perdió un juego porque es un ser humano. Hizo una jugada pobre, increíble para un jugador de su categoría, que permitió a Deep Junior acabarlo en un par de jugadas. Por otra parte, el juego que perdió Deep Junior lo perdió porque jugó como un Computer típico. Se presentó un juego cerrado y el Computer movía las piezas, aparentemente, sin saber que hacer. Kasparov lo ató de pies y manos y el Computer se rindió. Los dos juegos tablas fueron juegos de alta calidad, pero que no despertaron gran emoción entre los espectadores. Por su tiempo ante el tablero y empatar el desafío con Deep Junior, Kasparov recibió un trofeo y $125,000.

Galería, por Hainess Egas

Washington Hispano: Joven Hispana Administra Simbolos, Reconocidos Mundialmente, de la Nacion Norteamericana
Rosanna Weltzin es un nombre que puede evocar muchas imágenes, excepto, tal vez, la de una puertoriqueña que está a cargo de los principales monumentos de Washington DC. “…..Soy la única hispana en el “National Mall” y la única mujer que ocupa un puesto gerencial …“ Nos comenta orgullosamente esta joven y talentosa puertorriqueña.
Siga leyendo

TEATRO, por Hainess Egas
Es muy dificil lograr mantener el interés del espectador durante un extenso monólogo. Pero, “El Angel de la Culpa” nos envuelve de tal manera que nos atrapa e invita a seguir cada movimiento, todo lo que está sucediendo en escena. “...Me pareció excelente. ¡Y mira que yo he visto monólogos eh!…” Me comentó, Egla Blouin, reconocida actriz y juez del prestigioso premio Helen Hayes al compartirme sus impresiones. Siga leyendo

Eric GoodmanEric D. Goodman is a professional writer and editor. He is winner of the Newsletter on Newsletter’s Gold Award for superior electronic newsletter editing and is a two-time finalist in the Chesterfield Writer’s Film Project founded by Steven Spielberg’s Amblin Entertainment. Eric writes both fiction and non-fiction. One of his novels, Thirteen to Gorky, is set in Russia. Eric resides in Baltimore, Maryland with his wife and daughter. Contact Eric at to discuss reading, writing and Russia.


Vodka in the Sun -V: A Kinder, Gentler Kremlin

At the heart of Nizhni Novgorod, central Russia’s third largest city, is Minin Square, named after the prince who drove the invading Tartars out of Russia in the 1400s. An impressive monument to Minin stands in the center of the square. Another monument stands to Valeri Chkalov the Nizhni Novgorod native who was the first aviator to fly to the North pole. He glances skyward in the direction of the city, his back to a winding double staircase flowing down toward the Volga River.

But the main attraction of Minin Square is the Kremlin, established in 1221. The fortress surrounds a large area that was once the protected town of Nizhni Novgorod—now home to the city’s government buildings, old Russian Orthodox churches, an eternal flame commemorating fallen soldiers and one of my favorite cafes in the city. Keep reading

Montenegro, corresponsal de deportes

por Montenegro


EEUU llegó hasta los cuartos de final ganando el grupo F y ganándole 2x0 a un gran equipo de la Costa del Marfil. Si Costa del Marfil hubiese contado con una defensa, el resultado hubiera sido diferente; tienen un equipo sumamente veloz y con mucha técnica pero se encontraron con un arquero (portero en México y España) Norteamericano- Steve Cronin- que aparte de ser muy bueno estaba en su día. La seguridad del arquero les dió la oportunidad de usar el planeado "contraataque" del técnico Rongen a la perfección. Siga leyendo

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Yonni el inmigrante

MD Hispanic Chamber of Commerce