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El Refranero Español: Quien mucho abarca poco aprieta.

Jose Raul Capablanca

Plutarco Elías Calles, 1877–1945, Statesman, México

How to save your own life during a heart attack

What you do during a heart attack can mean the difference between life and death. If you're having a heart attack and there is no one there to perform CPR on you, do the following:

· Immediately take a deep breath and cough twice, as hard as you can.

· Wait a couple of seconds, take another deep breath, and again cough twice. This will contract your diaphragm and compress the heart, causing it to pump.

· Call 911

This is a simple form of self CPR.

· Keep repeating the process until your heart begins to beat normally (or until help arrives).

· Once your heart has stabilized, chew and swallow one aspirin

· Take two cayenne pepper capsules or a table spoon of Tabasco sauce.

Aspirin will thin your blood and prevent platelets from sticking. Tabasco or cayenne will dilate your blood vessels so that blood can flow freely.

This a simple technique that can dramatically increase your chances of survival.

Are you or someone you know afflicted by a stroke? See here
¿Ha tenido Ud. o alguien que Ud. conoce una embolia? Lea aquí

El Trovador restaurant
Madrid, destino europeo
Iraq War Casualties

Just so we remember

US and Coalition Iraq War casualties as of July 27, 2004 -- Days: 497

Who were they? See here
Total US Wounded
as of 7/20/04
Total Coalition Dead
Avge. per day:




Iraqis dead
Luto en Madrid
Luto en Madrid

Testimonio de la Casa de España y el Club Andalucía de Maryland por las víctimas del 11-M en Madrid. Siga leyendo
Invest in Spain
Today Spain is the sixth largest manufacturer in the world and the third in Europe, ahead of the UK and Italy, and just behind Germany and France. Keep reading
Don't miss the great Flamenco Monthly Show of the Sala Rociera. On July 30th, 10pm till closing. Mediterranean Café at 4629 41st St. N.W. (next to Wisconcin Ave). Keep reading

Sen. John KerrySenator Kerry holds a strong lead over President Bush among the nation's Hispanic voters, with a majority rejecting the president's handling of the economy and the war in Iraq, according to a survey by The Washington Post, Univision and the Tomas Rivera Policy Institute.
Keep reading

I watched last week, spellbound as the nation sat through the interminable ritual of saying goodbye to Ronald Reagan.  I thought we had said goodbye to him 20 years ago. Keep reading

Gustavo Torres de CASA, foto de Washington HispanicCASA de Maryland
, la organización creada en 1985 para ayudar a los inmigrantes de nuestra área, recibe el premio Afiliado del Año con subsidio de $25,000 de la compañía Ford y del Consejo Nacional de la Raza por su extraordinaria labor. Siga leyendo

Hispanic Heritage Golf Tournament.
Dust off your golf clubs and come on out to the Woodlands Golf Course for a fun filled day of golf, food and networking.  There are some great prizes, including a Jaguar XJ-8 hole in one prize. Keep reading

Mayor O'MalleyMayor Martin O'Malley to give a prime time address at the Democratic National Convention.
On Wednesday, July 28th, the Mayor of Baltimore will be one of only 10 featured speakers during the four day convention starting July 26 who will highlight the Kerry-Edwards path to a strong and more secure America. Keep reading

The Latinos for America organization (LAF) has a questionnaire for politicians running for office who may be seeking the Hispanic vote and the LAF endorsement. Keep reading

You want slots? Let's learn from Philadelphia's mistakes.
With visions of dollar signs dancing in their heads, legislators celebrated America's independence by passing a dangerously flawed gaming bill that threatens to enslave Philadelphia's downtown. Keep reading

In defense of Angelo Solera. Keep reading

Plazoleta del Cristo Downtown Havana tourist store
A fascinating tale of two Cubas. Keep reading

While US hipocrisy on Cuba is worth rethinking. Keep reading

Leonardo OrtegaGroup revokes HERO's status.
HERO's troubles began in mid-March when the organization fired its deputy director three days after she accused the executive director, Leonardo Ortega, of misusing agency money.
Ortega has denied the claim. Keep reading

Ya tienen convenios con España y Chile. Los Estados Unidos y México firman un convenio de Seguro Social.
Actualmente, algunos trabajadores que han dividido sus vidas profesionales entre Estados Unidos y México, no tienen derecho a beneficios de seguro social de uno o ambos países porque no cumplen con los requisitos mínimos para establecer su derecho.Siga leyendo They already have agreements with Spain and Chile. United States and Mexico Sign Social Security Agreement. At present, some workers who have divided their careers between the United States and Mexico fail to qualify for social security benefits from one or both countries because they do not meet minimum eligibility requirementsKeep reading

"I just wanted to see my children (in Cuba) for one day. In the next eight months in Iraq, who knows what could happen?" Lazo said yesterday. "I got very mad. I am not voting for George Bush this year."
Bush makes a huge mistake and reduces travel and money remittances to Cuba. Florida Cubans "outraged" Keep reading and their reaction may sway voters Keep reading

A majority of U.S. Hispanics believe that political candidates are not talking about issues important to the Latino community.
Keep reading

Angelo Solera is maligned.
City Hall spurns him on a press release by saying: “Media note: Per notification by the Espinosa [sic] and Quezada families, Angelo Solera is not a spokesperson for the two families,” the release reads. “Family members state that they have not given Solera permission to speak on their behalf. Please be aware that some of the information Solera has provided is inaccurate. Please take this into account when filing your stories.” Keep reading and see his response

Flamenco continues unabated throughout the Baltimore Washington area. See guitarist Miguel Perez's website with the latest shows

Democrats begin to organize. A picnic for activists is being prepared. Keep reading

La Cámara de Comercio Hispana de Baltimore celebra otra exitosa reunión en el Club de Ingenieros de Baltimore.

Luis GutierrezThe Supreme Court cleared the way for thousands of Mexican trucks and buses to begin delivering goods and passengers throughout the United States, ending a decade-long dispute that pitted environmentalists against NAFTA and became a sore point in U.S.-Mexico relations. Keep reading

USCIS (US Citizenship and Immigration Services, formerly INS) increases fees for Immigration services
The new fees add an average of $55 to the current cost of immigration benefit applications, and increases the biometrics fee by $20 for certain applications. Keep reading

Latin Palace

Letters - Cartas

Coloquio encourages letters to the editor. Please email us your comments
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The Sign ManJavier,
Please explain to your readers that this campaign is about the economy and JOBs, JOBS, JOBS and, if any group of people should understand this, is the Hispanics; we need jobs, the whole country needs jobs, I can teach my son about moral values, about being weak or strong and about conservative vs. liberal points of views. I don't need any president to do this for me. The only thing I need from him is work and I will take care of the rest. We need food on the table and money to pay the rent or mortgage, the rest comes later.
The Irac war is a personal thing for the Bushes. They think they are trying to secure the honor of the Bush family. Every other reason for having gone there has been justifibly discredited. We absolutely needed to invade Aghanistan not Irac.
Nestor Cardona
Mr. Bustamante,
KERRY, EDWARDS AND VALUES from the Washington Times
Within days of Sen. John Kerry's Fourth of July campaign swing through the Midwest, where he trumpeted his "conservative values," including his belief that life begins at conception, he was hosting a $7.5 million fund-raiser in New York City, where his Hollywood pals called the president of the United States "a cheap thug," "a liar" and "a killer." A day later, referring to the Bush administration, Mr. Kerry declared, "Their values system is distorted and not based on truth." In the same interview, his running mate, Sen. John Edwards, rhapsodized about the "genuine feelings" of the rhetorical assassins at the fund-raiser, enthusing, "Thank goodness in our country they have a right to express those feelings." Keep reading
Paul Dowling
In an effort to assure that festival vendors don't compete with local businesses, the Annapolis City Council has prohibited the sale of anything other than water and soft drinks at an Annapolis Latin American Festival scheduled for Sept. 25 at the City Dock. Vendors at the festival will be allowed to exhibit, but not sell, their wares. What do you think of this? Please, let us know at
Almaa's Festival Manager
Hola Javier: Me agrada ver que, en tu ya famoso
Coloquio, mantienes las puertas abiertas a las opiniones más contradictorias. Te felicito, porque esa es la verdadera (y a veces olvidada)  función de nuestra  prensa en el mundo libre.
Pepe Herrera
Sr. Bustamante,
Saludos desde Puerto Rico....
Es un honor ser miembro partícipe de su revista......... Reciba mis felicitaciones por tan interesante Revista ......Temas variados e interesantes..... Por este medio quiero enviar mis felicitaciones en su santo a uno de sus coolaboradores en su revista, el Sr. Ramos J. Céspedes, quién celebrará su cumpleaños el sábado, 17 de julio y a su vez felicitarle por su magnifico sentido del humor.......reflejado en sus caricaturas. Gracias.
Norma Rivas
Gracias Javier for the pictures of the Two Cubas, my heart just broke after viewing the pictures. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, in this case, I'm speechless.
Laura Cruz
Sr. Bustamante,
Very recently Ms. Katrina Balovlenko (see below) took it upon herself to expose Angelo's personal business out to the public in an e-mail to your newspaper. In my opinion this was a very unfair and mean-hearted try to discredit his character, so lets get the facts straight here: Angelo has been and continues to be a loyal, committed fighter and protector of the Hispanic/Latino community - mine and your community- for many years. He has come face-to-face -even risking employment may I add, to challenge city government and the judicial system to ensure human rights for those who otherwise wouldn't ever have any in the city of Baltimore. He has fought hard and long for us and has accomplished and force many people to listen and make changes for the betterment of my community. But most of all Angelo is my friend and mentor. An honorable man who, like all of us has made mistakes in his life. And one of those mistakes was to open his heart and home to a non-appreciative, mean hearted person who does not cease trying hurt him over a relationship just because it did not go the way she wanted. She is just seeking revenge, using the judicial system and your newspaper to get her way. So "AL CESAR LO QUE ES DEL CESAR" Angelo is highly regarded by the Hispanic/Latino community as one of its most fearless and accomplished advocates, and the City Hall ought of be appreciative, too. He deserves AGRADECIMIENTO Y RESPETO.
Romel Marmolejos
"Friend of Angelo"
Y hablando de Cuba - quizas al mundo le interesaría ver estas realidades. Te las envío por si las quieres publicar. Lean aquí.
E. Adan

Hola Javier!!!
soy Eliezer Truco "La Truco", espero que todavía te acuerdes de mi, porque yo de vosotros mucho. Espero que todo vaya bien, y muchas gracias por enviar tus correos de los cuales me tienen muy informada, me gustan mucho y la pagina es buenísima. Bueno quería compartir contigo estos momentos que estoy pasando y si pudieran compartirlos más personas mejor. El día 24 de Junio dio comienzo el XIII Certamen de Coreografía de Danza Española y Flamenco. Duró cuatro días en los cuales participaban 12 coreografías los dos primeros días y el Sábado 26 fue la gran final y el 27 la clausura con las coreografías ganadoras y los artistas invitados. Bien, pues tengo que decirte que me concedieron el 2º Premio a la mejor Coreografía y la verdad es que ahora es cuando estoy empezando a creérmelo un poco. La gente me felicita por la idea que es muy buena y en cuanto pueda te envio una copia del DVD ó algo por internet, ok?? Solo quería que lo supieras y que así podais disfrutar como yo de tanta alegría. Bueno, espero volver a veros pronto y sobre todo dale muchos besos a tu mujer y que espero que siga tan guapa y elegante como siempre. Muchos besitos para los dos
Mr. Bustamante
Every four years the Anglos return,
Both parties need them. But what has either done for Latinos lately?
July's Economist has a great article on Latinos and the election for all to read. The following is a brief excerpt from the article:
"SI, SE puede. Yes, it can be done." If America's 40million Latinos dislike being patronised by Anglo politicians who throw a few words of Spanish into their standard platitudes, their leaders did not show it during John Kerry's speech in Phoenix to the National Council of La Raza (NCLR). The nation's biggest Latino organisation cheered. The campaign wisdom is that, in an agonisingly close election, the Latino vote will be the difference between victory and defeat. Even
Democrats admit that George Bush has the kind of personal "comfort level" with Latinos that Bill Clinton so famously enjoyed with blacks. In the 2000 election, Mr Bush's 35% share of the Latino vote was the highest for a Republican candidate since the 37% won by Ronald Reagan in his 1984 re-election. This time round the president's campaign-managers dream, not implausibly, of 40%. As Bill Richardson, the governor of New Mexico (and bilingual son of a
Mexican mother), recently admitted, "the problem with Democrats is that sometimes they take our people for granted."
Our work is cut out for us. We need to convince Latinos that the Kerry-Edwards ticket will help Latinos. The article in fact mentions some of Kerry's proposals as follows:
"Mr Kerry says that as president he would send to Congress within 100 days a bill offering legalisation to long-staying, tax-paying illegal immigrants, helping family reunification and providing a path to permanent residence or citizenship. He would also approve laws to grant legal status to undocumented farm workers, and a bill to allow some 65,000 high-school graduates, illegally resident in America, first to go to college with the same fees or aid as their legal peers and then to achieve citizenship. Given that this week the Border Patrol, straying far from its normal terrain, was rounding up illegal immigrants in places around Los Angeles, Mr Kerry's stance resonated at the NCLR." However, most importantly, any influence the Latino vote will have in this election will depend wholly on voter turnout. The article states as follows:
"In the end, the Latino influence in November may depend on the turnout: given their (slight) preference for voting Democratic, the more they vote, the better it will be for Mr Kerry. The NCLR reckons some 7.9m Latinos may actually vote this year (7% of the likely turnout), compared with 5.9m in 2000 (6%)." That's where we as volunteers come in to play. It is clear that Latino outreach and voter turnout is paramount to Kerry's success. Without it, Latinos will lose again.
Please join Latinos-For-Kerry and help us accomplish our mission. Go to the "volunteer" link at and register.
Estimado Javier
Gracias por el mensaje que realmente lo he leído en Italia en donde estoy de vacaciones con mi familia. Espero que todo siga bien con Vd. y su familia.
Lydia Aguirre - CEW
As some are already aware, the City Hall castigation of Angelo must be viewed in a careful light. As was indicated by the article in the latest edition in the City Paper and the Baltimore City circuit and district court records, Angelo plead no contest to 2nd degree assault in January and later was convicted in April of violating a restraining order on 5 different counts. One would assume that neither the City Hall nor the Mayor's office wishes to be affilitated with someone convicted of domestic violence crimes. Thought you might be interested to know this if you were not already aware.
Katrina Balovlenko
Mr. Bustamante,
There some jobs for people that want to get involved with the national democratic party, these jobs would be in the battle ground states, It is young Latino-Hispanic persons that do not mind traveling until November that we are looking for. Also, we are looking for Hispanic veterans to serve on the Kerry for President advisory committee, and to do some surrogate speaking on the national level. I know that the chamber is no partisan, but opportunity is for every one. We must get our young people involved in both parties. Please contact
Roberto Jones
or call 202-712-3000 ext-2846

Dear Mr. Bustamante,
On June 1st Mr. Tony White, Communications Director of the office of Neighborhoods in the City of Baltimore, released an e-mail and a media notice see attachment (Vigil for the Espinoza-Quesada families) to the Latino Direct Service Providers Network and the City Network. This was a clear attempt by City Officials to remove me from this case by lying and defamation of my personal and professional character. Please take a look at the attachment (Politics at it's worst) with my version of the story and a clear violation of my Civil Rights, my right of free assembly and speech. The people of Baltimore need to know how the Mayor's Office " BEHAVES " Now I need you help, if nothing is done about this it will happen again and the next time it could be you.
Angelo Solera
Dear Javier,
El sondeo de la opinión pública como una disciplina académica se ha vuelto sumamente sofisticado, especialmente al nivel presidencial donde los resultados muchas veces gobiernan desproporcionadamente las decisiones políticas de los candidatos. Para muchos votantes estadounidenses las memorias de la campaña presidencial de 1948 estan secuestradas en la nebulosidad del pasado. En aquel año encuestas públicas consistentemente indicaban que el Presidente
Demócrata Harry Truman iba a ser derrotado por un margen alto. Cuando las urnas se cerraron, Truman se acostó pensando que habia perdido y asi lo indicó al dia siguiente en primera plana y con titulares gigantescos el Chicago Daily Tribune—“Dewey derrota a Truman”. Siga leyendo
Estimado Javier: Tu revista luce cada día muchísimo mejor, en verdad que debes estar orgulloso de tu trabajo. Abrazo cálido
Julio Novoa


Coloquio no se responsabiliza de las opiniones de nuestros corresponsales.
Coloquio is not responsible for the opinion of our correspondents.

Emilio Labrada Emilio Bernal Labrada, miembro de la Academia Norteamericana de la Lengua Española, es autor de La prensa liEbre o Los crímenes del idioma. Pedidos a:

Language, Our Daily Fiesta

Cafe Madrid, Chef Pepe "Tomar con Cordura"

Nos informan los maniáticos mediáticos -por algo serán lo que, sin mucha exageración, llaman «locotores»- que las mujeres [sic] embarazadas deben «tomar CON CORDURA». No sé quién será ese señor «Cordura», pero debe ser muy simpático y seductor para que una embarazada, que ya no necesita tanta atención masculina, se sienta tentada ¡a darse tragos con él!

Pero expliquémonos, pues ya esto pasa de castaño oscuro. Se trata de que el alcohol -o mejor dicho la bebida alcohólica- produce efectos tóxicos y daños irrevertibles (no como el inglés irreverSible, puesto que el verbo español es reverTir) en el bebé. De ahí que la presentadora -que a juzgar por apariencias pudiera ser una madre presente o futura- aconseje a las gestantes que ingieran bebidas alcohólicas con ese sujeto, «Cordura», siendo el caso que debería exhortarlas a que se ABSTENGAN totalmente de tal cosa.

Lo que tendrían que hacer, en último caso, es beber con muchísima MODERACIÓN. Dejemos la «cordura» para las que NO quieran volverse locas y embarazarse, sobre todo antes de casarse (hoy día, al menos emparejarse establemente). Y conste que no es por falta de respeto al sexo femenino, sino al revés.

Pues bien, nos siguen diciendo en la emisión noticiera que «lo malo es que los niños nacen con DESÓRDENES debido al alcohol». Creo que el único «desorden» en este caso es el que hay en la cabeza de la presentadora, ya que en español el término correcto es TRASTORNOS, DEFECTOS. O sea que el feto o bebé es mucho más sensible al tóxico y no se repone, como una persona mayor, al día siguiente. Según nos dicen, se trata de recomendaciones formuladas a la ciudadanía por el «cirujano general». Nada, otro personaje misterioso, tal vez amigo de Cordura, que hace intervenciones quirúrgicas en cualquier esquina y cada vez que se le ocurre. Lógico, puesto que si es «general» lo mismo extirpa un callo (no un «cayo», que sería mucho más difícil) que le estira el pellejo collarejo a cualquiera. ¡Dios nos libre de semejante matasanos desnaturalizado y desespecializado!

Sepan nuestros amables lectores que eso que los anglos llaman «Surgeon General» es un cargo público -y no una especialidad- que en nuestro idioma corresponde a «Director de Sanidad» o acaso «Jefe de Salubridad». Lo de «general» indica jerarquía de mando y no es medicinal. Hablando de lo cual, cabe advertir que «salubridad», término muy valedero y castizo, está, como desabrida medicina, en desuso y próximo al eterno rechazo.

¿Será parte del DESORDEN que se palpa por las pretensiones de CORDURA de que quieren hacer alarde los presentadores, precisados, antes bien, de una CIRUGÍA GENERAL más arriba del cuello?

Pero seamos justos. No es para tanto. Bastaría que hicieran un leve esfuerzo por pensar en español.


Nos tienta aquí, no sé por qué, parafrasear al príncipe danés de Shakespeare: «poder o no poder, he ahí el dilema».
Porque eso de «poder» parece cosa más bien de gobernación, del control sobre seres humanos, territorios, cuestiones de estado. Pero, ¿herramientas?
Está visto que los intentos por hacer publicidad en español no engendran más que reincidencia en los horrores cometidos por (¿los mismos?) copiones de la letra y el vocabulario del inglés. Por no hablar de que el orden de las palabras es casi igual, no obstante las marcadas divergencias sintácticas de los dos idiomas.
Pero vamos al grano. Aunque ustedes no lo crean, estimados lectores, copio del anuncio publicado en una importante revista por una gran cadena de tiendas que se ocupa del mejoramiento hogareño –Lowe´s, para más señas–, y que en este caso promueve herramientas con este titular:
¿Qué es eso de «una herramienta de poder»?, se preguntarán ustedes. Que me registren, pero nunca he oído hablar de semejante energúmeno... en nuestro idioma. (Siguiendo la pista del inglés, sí: «power tools».) Otra cosa sería hablarnos de herramientas «poderosas», aptas y con fuerza para cumplir una tarea o función.
Bueno, sí he oído hablar de herramientas eléctricas, o bien motorizadas, si la intención es abarcar también las que funcionan con gasolina. Pero confieso no PODER acordarme de esas, las «de poder».
Pero esperen. Hay más. Lejos de contentarse con tal bala perdida, el genio (supuestamente) bilingüe que «tradujo» (léase «transliteró») el anuncio nos suelta lo subsiguiente:
«Es la herramienta adequada [sic] para cualquier trabajo.»
Esa letra «q» nos indica que tenemos que agradecer el milagro de que no se la haya salido algo más de la ortografía anglo. Un poco más y pone «para un trabajo cualquiera», que se aplicaría perfectamente a la tarea traductoril con que nos ha obsequiado.
Si han leído hasta aquí, ya no se asombrarán de saber que el autor de semejante joya ha seguido pensando en inglés a través de toda la extensión del texto publicitario, diciéndonos que si uno halla la herramienta a menor precio, la empresa «iguala y mejora ese precio más bajo en un 10%».
Vamos a hacer una cosa: yo no sólo les «igualo» ese «precio más bajo» (¿demasiado bajo?) que pagaron por la versión castellana del anuncio, sino que se los ultrarrebajo en un 100% y encima les pago, con tal de que no sigan abusando del español. O sea que salen ganando y sin tener que vender una sola herramienta.
¿Que les parece inadeQuado el trato? Pues tienen ustedes el PODER de rechazarlo. ¡Amigos de Lowe´s, pónganse por lo alto!
So the $121 billion we have already spent in Iraq is a down-payment on a purchase whose total price is being kept from us.

Larry DeWitt is an historian and self-described political populist. Larry is a specialist in 20th century U.S. history and public policy. Born in the Southwestern U.S., he has lived in the East for the last 18 years. His commentaries on politics and society still retain the populist spirit of the rural West. See Larry’s past columns here

The Five Hard Truths About the Iraq War.

Keep reading

Remembering Vietnam, por Larry DeWitt

During the Vietnam War, I was a student at a small public university in Arizona. Periodically we students pranced about the campus protesting the war. We never ventured off-campus to demonstrate, for the timorous reason that the locals might crack our heads if we were outside the cocoon of the university's protection. So we protested from the comfort of our dorm rooms as it were--on mommy and daddy's dime in most instances. Keep reading

Julio Novoa es médico ginecólogo y doctor en filosofía, que ejerce como catedrático de la Escuela de Medicina de la Universidad de Maryland en ginecología, obstetricia y ciencias de la reproducción. El Dr. Novoa, peruano, residente de Baltimore por muchos años es además escritor, humorista, filósofo y gran humanista. Muy conocido en nuestra comunidad, el Dr. Novoa reparte su tiempo entre Baltimore y el Perú a donde viaja con frecuencia.

MI TELARAÑA, por Jucenoli

La Verdad

“La primera víctima de una guerra es siempre la verdad”, así dijo alguna vez el estadista británico Wiston Churchill; sin embargo en los Estados Unidos de América, sin necesidad de estar en una guerra constate [aunque esta aseveración podría estar en tela de juicio], parece ser el único lugar del universo donde nadie tiene la ”libertad” de expresar la verdad, es decir se ha convertido en una suerte de “tabú” el expresar una opinión, que ignorando que pueda ser la absoluta verdad, tiene cierta tendencia a incomodar a aquellos que andas buscando “la sin motivo”, como decía mi abuela, para quejarse, y sentirse ofendidos, apuntando a la famosa frasecita de que no es “políticamente correcto” decir tal o cual cosa, u esto o aquello Siga leyendo

Eric GoodmanEric D. Goodman is a professional writer and editor. He is winner of the Newsletter on Newsletter’s Gold Award for superior electronic newsletter editing and is a two-time finalist in the Chesterfield Writer’s Film Project founded by Steven Spielberg’s Amblin Entertainment. Eric writes both fiction and non-fiction. One of his novels, Thirteen to Gorky, is set in Russia. Eric resides in Baltimore, Maryland with his wife and daughter. Contact Eric at to discuss reading, writing and Russia.


Vodka in the Sun X: Cruising the Motherland

Voyage of the Rodina

What better way to end a Summer in Russia than on a luxurious Russian cruise? The answer: on a genuine Russian cruise. That is, if you subscribe to the theory “when in Russia, drink what the Russians drink.”

While there are plenty of ships that cater to foreign tourists and pamper passengers in ways all too American, I was treated to an authentic Russian cruise of the sort that the average vacationing Russian enjoys. A sort of “roughing it” cruise, I certainly wouldn’t describe it as luxury. It was more like camping in a cabin with running water and a kitchen service. But I wouldn’t trade the experience for a luxury cruise.

There were no all-you-can-eat buffets and no Vegas-style shows. Each day included a few modest meals in one of the ship’s restaurants. There was no menu —what they made was what we got. Fried chicken, pork chops, and fried fish with sides of tomato-cucumber and radish-onion salads with lots of bread and butter, yogurt and cheese. There was a bar and café at the back of the ship where drinks and snacks could be purchased to tide us over from one meal to another, and to supplement meals we didn’t particularly care for.

There were activities for children, tourist videos on our destinations, daily movies, evening pop concerts and even a late-night disco-tech. But the paramount entertainment was simply watching the scenery go by.

Our journey aboard the Rodina, or Motherland, began in the evening. We sat on deck and listened to a traditional Russian bon voyage march as we left St. Petersburg. We enjoyed a beautiful sunset shortly after 11 p.m. as we sipped screwdrivers.

“Together,” asked the bartender. “Juice and vodka together … in one glass?” We contaminated perfectly good vodka in the opinion of the server.

With our contaminated vodka, we enjoyed the scenery. Even long after the sun set and the moon shone bright, a touch of light was anchored on the western horizon where the sun still left its mark.

The cabins were much like those on Russian sleeper trains—two beds along the walls with a small table and large window between them. We easily stowed our three large bags in the two closets and under the table.

Each floor of the triple-decker included two bathrooms and two shower rooms. Each shower room had two private stalls, and the doors locked. Bathrooms included long lines of sinks in the washroom with private stalls off in a separate room. The facilities were very clean. But it’s a good thing we remembered to pack our own towels—Russian bath towels are American dishrags.

Who’s His Dermatologist?

Our first stop on the cruise came the following day to Svirstroi. After a short tour of the city, home to a still-operating hydroelectricity station—generating electricity with river power—commissioned by Lenin in the 1920s as part of his plan to electrify the USSR, we went to the truly interesting site of the area: the Alexander Sverskoy Holy Trinity Monastery. More interesting than the monastery itself is the man who still resides there.

Alexander Sverskoy, born in 1448, became a monk at the age of 26. Before becoming a monk he had a vision that he should build a monastery in the very place he rested during his travels. He heard the voice of God tell him to build a monastery. Years later, he did. The monastery still stands, is still active, and attracts tourists from around the world.

Sverskoy died in 1533 when he was 85. His body was buried on the site of the monastery. In 1547 the Russian Orthodox Church made him a Saint. It was in the 1600s, long after the burial place had been forgotten, that lightning struck the same place on the monastery grounds three times. Beneath that spot they found the buried body. Miraculously, the body, clothing and wooden staff were well preserved, even sweet-smelling.

While the cathedrals and ancient buildings of the monastery are a wonder, what’s even more amazing is that Alexander Sverskoy remains on display in his coffin beneath a lid of glass. Most of his body is covered out of respect for the Saint, but his hand and his foot remain in view.

I watched as pilgrim after pilgrim knelt before the body of the saint, signed the triple cross before him, even kissed the glass lid above his feet. The mood in the room was reverend.

In the gift shop I found the same sort of items most Russian churches offer: prayer books, books on the history of the monastery, icons, prayer candles, postcards and photographs. But I was shocked by an additional offering: holy oil from the body of the healing saint.

I picked up the small brown bottle. “This is oil from his body,” I asked.

“Da,” answered the frail old woman. “Like medicine from God.”

The saint’s body continues to secrete oil even today. The body is periodically wrapped in cloth to absorb the oil. The cloth is then soaked in vats of anointing oils. With the saint’s bodily fluids mixed in, the anointing oil is bottled and sold. And some of the purchasers swear that if you have faith, the oil can cure everything from warts to cancer.

I purchased a bottle. Before leaving the monastery, I returned for one last visit to the ancient saint. There was some cracking, but the skin on his hand and foot appeared amazingly fresh. Alexander Sverskoy looks great for a man from the 1400s.

Montenegro, corresponsal de deportes

por Pepe Herrera


Estoy abordando el tema de Cuba porque  lo considero importante y necesario. Dos Cubas. Quiero felicitar a la señora E. Adan que envió las fotos de las dos Cubas al Coloquio. Estan muy bien hechas y conllevan todo el impacto que el autor se propone.
Pero en realidad, siempre  existieron dos Cubas, aunque quizás no venga al caso,  vale la pena  recordar que existían  los palacetes de la Quinta Avenida de Miramar, en duro contraste  con el Barrio de la Yaguas, un paupérrimo barrio habanero donde  vivían  hacinadas cientos de personas en las peores condiciones higiénicas. Siga leyendo

La Bobada del Gobernador. Un erudito profesor, bilingüe,  escribió hace poco un artículo para el Coloquio defendiendo al Gobernador,  tradujo la  palabra "crap" como  Bobada. Nos dió una definición errónea de la palabra Multi-cultural y nos dijo que nosotros no sabíamos lo que quería decir Multi-cultural. y, Nuestro amigo Solera.- He conocido a Angelo por varios años. Me considero su amigo. Dada la diferencia de edad,  una amistad lejana. He admirado su  deseo de superación. Siga leyendo


por Hainess Egas


...”No bien comienza la noche, y ya comienza el tambor!”... Se lamenta uno de los personajes de esta obra, más, de nada tienen que lamentarse sus espectadores, quienes luego de dos divertidisimas horas de canto, baile y actuación, terminan bailando en sus asientos al ardiente ritmo del “candombe uruguayo”. Siga leyendo

por Fermín García Rodríguez

Este es el texto que una señora de Madrid, Ana María, envió a Radio Nacional de España para que lo leyera en uno de sus programas:

"Desde que las insignias se llaman pins, los maricones gays, las comidas frías lunchs, y los repartos de cine castings, este país no es elmismo: ahora es mucho, muchísimo mas moderno. Siga leyendo

Los Jaboncillos Una presentación de Power Point. Vea aquí

Examen de Música Siga leyendo

El "software" y la guasa española
presentado por Ana Baumont, Vicepresidenta del Club Andalucía de Maryland

El año pasado, hice la actualización (upgrade) de Novio 5.0 a Marido1.0 y he notado que el nuevo programa ha hecho cambios inesperados en elmódulo de contabilidad, limitando mi acceso a las aplicaciones "flores.exe" y "joyería.exe" que habían funcionado sin problema con Novio 5.0.

Adicionalmente, Marido 1.0 eliminó otros programas valiosos, como Romance
9.9, e instaló programas molestos como Fútbol 5.0 y Baloncesto 3.0 Conversación 8.0 ya no funciona y LimpiezaDeCasa 2.6 provoca una caída
inmediata del sistema.

He tratado de ejecutar Quejarme.exe (versión 5.3) para resolver estos
problemas, sin resultado.



Estimada Desesperada:

Tenga en cuenta que Novio 5.0 es un programa de entretenimiento, mientras
que Marido 1.0 es un sistema operativo completo.

Trate de ejecutar el siguiente comando: \\\creiaquemeamabas.bat y, a renglón seguido: \\lagrimas.exe file:///\\lagrimas.exe Marido 1.0 debería entonces ejecutar automáticamente las aplicaciones: "Culpable 3.0" y "Flores 7.0"

Pero recuerde: usar esta técnica en exceso puede provocar que Marido1.0
se desvíe hacia SilencioGruñón 2.5, Happyhour 7.0 o Cerveza 6.1, en
particular, es un programa potencialmente dañino que puede llegar a generar archivos de audio tipo "ronquido.mp3".

NUNCA instale Suegra 1.0 y nunca re-instale otro programa de la serie
"Novio". Estas aplicaciones no las respaldamos, y pueden hacer que Marido 1.0 se colapse.

En Resumen: Marido 1.0 es un gran programa, pero tiene memoria limitada
aunque no incorpora las nuevas aplicaciones con suficiente eficiencia.

Para mejorar el rendimiento del sistema, considere adquirir programas
adicionales. Nosotros recomendamos ComidaCaliente 3.0 y RopaInteriorSexy

Además, no olvide que ejecutar con demasiada frecuencia Quejarme 5.3
puede ocasionar que Marido 1.0 instale secretamente el programa complementario "Amante 1.0", lo cual requeriría una desinfección del sistema con alguna de las utilidades del tipo "Detective Privado 7.5",o incluso "Abogado 9.0"
Esto, a medio plazo, pudiera llevar a un fallo total que pudiera requerir formatear el sistema con Marido 2.0


Soporte técnico

-Sharon is not listening to the The Hague International Court who outlawed the wall
-If Bush would have asked him, maybe!
-Who, he? He's the one that pays for the cement

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