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Miguel de Unamuno

Miguel de Unamuno
(1864-1936), Writer and Philosopher, Spain

How to save your own life during a heart attack

What you do during a heart attack can mean the difference between life and death. If you're having a heart attack and there is no one there to perform CPR on you, do the following:

· Immediately take a deep breath and cough twice, as hard as you can.

· Wait a couple of seconds, take another deep breath, and again cough twice. This will contract your diaphragm and compress the heart, causing it to pump.

· Call 911

This is a simple form of self CPR.

· Keep repeating the process until your heart begins to beat normally (or until help arrives).

· Once your heart has stabilized, chew and swallow one aspirin

· Take two cayenne pepper capsules or a table spoon of Tabasco sauce.

Aspirin will thin your blood and prevent platelets from sticking. Tabasco or cayenne will dilate your blood vessels so that blood can flow freely.

This a simple technique that can dramatically increase your chances of survival.

Are you or someone you know afflicted by a stroke? See here
¿Ha tenido Ud. o alguien que Ud. conoce una embolia? Lea aquí

El Trovador restaurant
Madrid, destino europeo
Iraq War Casualties

Just so we remember

US and Coalition Iraq War casualties as of August 31, 2004 -- Days: 531

Who were they? See here
Total US Wounded
as of 8/24/04
Total Coalition Dead
Avge. per day:




Iraqis dead
Luto en Madrid
Luto en Madrid

Testimonio de la Casa de España y el Club Andalucía de Maryland por las víctimas del 11-M en Madrid. Siga leyendo
Invest in Spain
Today Spain is the sixth largest manufacturer in the world and the third in Europe, ahead of the UK and Italy, and just behind Germany and France. Keep reading
The Department of Health and Human Services' Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Studies (CMS) has released a proposal requiring hospitals to ask emergency room patients their immigration status, along with their name, address, and phone number, in order to identify undocumented immigrants. Immigrant families, regardless of their immigration status, will likely be terrified and confused by these questions and accordingly avoid seeking emergency room care. Barak Obama Keep reading

Political philosophy explained clearly: Liberals, Conservatives, Populists and Libertarians. Keep reading

Baltimore's Fiscal Situation Is Healthy Following Repayment of the School's Loan. While the school system still faces significant financial hurdles, much has been accomplished to date.  The strong cooperation between the school and city management is noteworthy.  To this end, a fiscal operating committee was established and a financial recovery plan implemented that is being monitored regularly. Keep reading

The Democratic National Convention is a great success. See and listen to the speeches of all the participants. Keep reading

Sen. John KerrySenator Kerry holds a strong lead over President Bush among the nation's Hispanic voters, with a majority rejecting the president's handling of the economy and the war in Iraq, according to a survey by The Washington Post, Univision and the Tomas Rivera Policy Institute. Keep reading

La Oficina del Enlace Hispano del Alcalde Martin O'Malley continua su esfuerzo para ayudar a los Hispanos a comprar casa en la Ciudad de Baltimore. El taller presentara información sobre como tener acceso a los ProgramasIncentivos de la Ciudad de Baltimore, cómo obtener financiamiento, crédito e información sobre el mercado de casas de la Ciudad. Siga leyendo

Sin poder vender lo que producen, ni comprar lo que necesitan, careciendo del turismo del Norte y con las cuentas bancarias congeladas,  ha sido un milagro la supervivencia de Cuba See Herrera
Hispanic Heritage Golf Tournament. Dust off your golf clubs and come on out to the Woodlands Golf Course for a fun filled day of golf, food and networking.  There are some great prizes, including a Jaguar XJ-8 hole in one prize. Keep reading

The Latinos for America organization (LAF) has a questionnaire for politicians running for office who may be seeking the Hispanic vote and the LAF endorsement. Keep reading

You want slots? Let's learn from Philadelphia's mistakes.
With visions of dollar signs dancing in their heads, legislators celebrated America's independence by passing a dangerously flawed gaming bill that threatens to enslave Philadelphia's downtown. Keep reading

Ya tienen convenios con España y Chile. Los Estados Unidos y México firman un convenio de Seguro Social.
Actualmente, algunos trabajadores que han dividido sus vidas profesionales entre Estados Unidos y México, no tienen derecho a beneficios de seguro social de uno o ambos países porque no cumplen con los requisitos mínimos para establecer su derecho.Siga leyendo They already have agreements with Spain and Chile. United States and Mexico Sign Social Security Agreement. At present, some workers who have divided their careers between the United States and Mexico fail to qualify for social security benefits from one or both countries because they do not meet minimum eligibility requirementsKeep reading

Flamenco continues unabated throughout the Baltimore Washington area. See guitarist Miguel Perez's website with the latest shows

Luis GutierrezThe Supreme Court cleared the way for thousands of Mexican trucks and buses to begin delivering goods and passengers throughout the United States, ending a decade-long dispute that pitted environmentalists against NAFTA and became a sore point in U.S.-Mexico relations. Keep reading

USCIS (US Citizenship and Immigration Services, formerly INS) increases fees for Immigration services
The new fees add an average of $55 to the current cost of immigration benefit applications, and increases the biometrics fee by $20 for certain applications. Keep reading

Latin Palace

Letters - Cartas

Coloquio encourages letters to the editor. Please email us your comments
Coloquio acepta cartas al editor. Mándenos su email

The Sign ManSeñor Bustamante:
Desde hace algun tiempo he venido recibiendo información acerca de la prestigiosa revista que Usted dirige, realmente es muy interesante y de un excelente contenido, valiosa para los Latinos que vivimos en esta área. Además me llama muchísimo la atención todo lo que hace referencia a España, ya que yo tuve la oportunidad de estudiar y vivir allí. El motivo de este e-mail es felicitarlo por su grandiosa labor y me encantaría  que me diera la oportunidad  de conocerle personalmente.
Nubia Sánchez
Néstor, (see next letter)
I will explain to you why the Cubans in Florida vote for Bush, the Republican candidate. It was not always that way. In the year 1961, the Cubans were very close to the Democrat president, J. Kennedy. He promised to help them yo recover Cuba from the hands of Fidel Castro. Organized an army composed of exiles and send them in an ill conceived invasion of the island. The disaster of the expedition meant deaths and jail to the exiles and they blamed the defeat (correctly or not) on the lack of help at the critical moment from president Kennedy. That created the split of the Cuban Americans with the Democrats. Disappointed and bitter, this group makes the hard core of the anti Castro block which later welded with president Regan, the anti communist white knight. Since then, the Cuban Americans have joined the republican party. Register to vote and vote in a block. That’s why the politician court them. At the present time, the fact that governor Jeff Bush is brother of the president and use Spanish in all his political speeches helps the republican candidates.. Finally, do not blame the Cubans. The Cubans, all the Cubans, that you use in a disdainful way, took the old Miami a city for retirees and vacations, and changed it into a vibrant City which is now the center of the commercial Latin world in the Caribbean. Thanks to them many hundred of thousands of Latin Americans find in Florida a familiar and fertile land in the United States. You may want to know that the war in Iraq, the restrictions of the Cubans to take trips to Cuba to see the members of their families or to send money to them has somewhat divided the exile. Finally, I believe in the American justice. If you have proof of “stolen elections” and the “illegal tactics used in the elections”, tell the judge. Nixon was a republican president - - - and I hope that you know the story.
Pepe Herrera
Thanks Javier,
I do not appreciate the well-to-be Cubans continuing to undermine the Hispanics' economic future in this country by obsessively attempting to shape the politics of presidential elections by only looking at the campaigning party's policies toward Castro. I am sick and tired of hearing about the Republican's strong stance point against Castro versus the supposedly weak stance of the Democrats versus Castro. I do not care in the least what relations we maintain with Castro. This has abosolutely nothing to do with the Hispanic's economic survival potential and the future of our sons and daughters living and working in this country. What happens with Castro has zero bearing on the future of my son; and right now we need JOBS! so that we, the Hispanics, can survive in this country and continue making the contributions to the economic power of this country.
The Cubans voting Republican ONLY because of the party's views towards Castro are committing a serious injustice to the rest of the Hispanic community and they should be ashamed of it. But they do not care because it so happens that the Cubans who tiredlessly protest against Castro and give up precious votes to the Republicans, -votes that the Democratic Hispanic community desperately needs- are mostly the ones who are well established in this country, have steady work, are collecting unemployment, are on welfare or are getting other benefits without having to work much at all. But most of us who enjoy our jobs and are willing to bust our butts for a living, urgently need more Hispanics to vote Democratic. It was a real shame that the Cubans in Florida contributed so greatly to the election of a Republican president who literally stole the presidency by having a brother, the governor of Florida, preventing thousands of minority votes from being counted by using illegal tactics and procedures. It is high time that the Cubans stop talking about Castro and begin apologizing to the Hispanic community for forming part of the biggest scandal in election corruption this country has ever seen.
Javier, if you get the opportunity and are interested in publishing this expression of concern, go right ahead, thanks,
Muchas gracias por enviarme este Boletín en forma regular. Como estuve de viaje, no te agradecí oportunamente tu aporte a la Feria de Sevilla. Esa carpa era un lujo!!
Lydia Aguirre-CEW
HOLA Javier,
No sabes como me alegra el recibir tus mensajes. Lo
mejor del momento es la Convencion Demócrata, espero que podamos ganar. Con respecto a la guerra, de eso ni hablar, es de esperarse que hayan muertos de ambos bandos, para eso es guerrra, lo malo es que ellos tienen una mente y manera de vivir completamente diferente al resto del mundo, son terribles de fanáticos y no van a cambiar, justo ayer hablé con alguien muy culto y profesional y me decia:  Canadá ya esta en
mayoría del Islamismo, luego seguirán otros países y poco a poco el resto del mundo se convertirá a las buenas o a las malas en Musulmanes que es la verdadera y más grande creencia, te digo esto para que veas como ellos se han ido infiltrando poco a poco, bueno yo tambien tengo noticias que compartir contigo, no como las tuyas, pero en fin, bueno te dejo; solo era una nota no una carta. Salúdame a tu señora.
"9-11 Muertos hasta la presente"..!

"La guerra de Iraq continua cobrando vidas norte-americanas" como usted
distinguido amigo Javier... Y yo digo al igual que de soldados hispanos y latinos
que se enrolaron en el Army con verdadero patriotismo por esta gran Nación
los EE. UU. de Norte América (Aún sin ser "Americans o American citizens" ya
que algunos sólo fueron residentes legales y por ende no "American citizens" y
otros más audaces se arriesgaron y se enlistaron en el Army (Aún con falsos
documentos o ID's "ay-dis") solo por servir no a la bellaquera de George W.Bush
sino por EE. UU. como Nación... Sólo con miras a recibir el halago familiar y de
los estadounidenses, y lo más importante (por conseguir 1ro. su tarjeta verde
para ser residente legal y no ser acosado y agarrado como "ilegal" y 2do. para
ser otro "American Citizen") aunque 1ro. fueron enviados a guerrear por orden
de "Mr.Exterminator_Bush" quien cual "niño mimado y caprichoso" dijo: Quiero
guerra.., quiero guerra... y quiero invadir Iraq, Iraq, Iraaaa-q para ver si así el
pueblo americano me re-elige de verdad y no los Supremos Jueces de la CSJ.
de los EE. UU. 2do. aunque luego los soldados hispanos muertos en Iraq sólo
fueron nombrados por Bush "American citizens" post morten. Por eso muchos o
casi todos los familiares, padres y madres de aquellos soldados muertos nunca
quisieron recibir (ese cartón de "American citizen" de sus hijos o soldados muertos en Iraq...) Por creo que de la misma forma ahora o mejor dicho en las próximas elecciones presidenciales, casi todos ellos rechazaran denuevo a Bush
y preferirán o darán su voto por John Kerry así de simple y por logica humana
o sentido común aunque habrá también algunos u otros que preferirán votar
por "Mr.Exterminator-Bush" "ciegos, sordos y mudos" y/o de espaldas a la verdad y realidad de lo que ya es historia en EE. UU. y el mundo entero aunque hasta ahora sigan cayendo abatidos ma's inocentes soldados estadounidenses, hispanos y latinos en Iraq.
Julio Gonzalez Castro /
Please explain to your readers that this campaign is about the economy and JOBs, JOBS, JOBS and, if any group of people should understand this, is the Hispanics; we need jobs, the whole country needs jobs, I can teach my son about moral values, about being weak or strong and about conservative vs. liberal points of views. I don't need any president to do this for me. The only thing I need from him is work and I will take care of the rest. We need food on the table and money to pay the rent or mortgage, the rest comes later.
The Irac war is a personal thing for the Bushes. They think they are trying to secure the honor of the Bush family. Every other reason for having gone there has been justifibly discredited. We absolutely needed to invade Aghanistan not Irac.
Nestor Cardona

Hola Javier!!!
soy Eliezer Truco "La Truco", espero que todavía te acuerdes de mi, porque yo de vosotros mucho. Espero que todo vaya bien, y muchas gracias por enviar tus correos de los cuales me tienen muy informada, me gustan mucho y la pagina es buenísima. Bueno quería compartir contigo estos momentos que estoy pasando y si pudieran compartirlos más personas mejor. El día 24 de Junio dio comienzo el XIII Certamen de Coreografía de Danza Española y Flamenco. Duró cuatro días en los cuales participaban 12 coreografías los dos primeros días y el Sábado 26 fue la gran final y el 27 la clausura con las coreografías ganadoras y los artistas invitados. Bien, pues tengo que decirte que me concedieron el 2º Premio a la mejor Coreografía y la verdad es que ahora es cuando estoy empezando a creérmelo un poco. La gente me felicita por la idea que es muy buena y en cuanto pueda te envio una copia del DVD ó algo por internet, ok?? Solo quería que lo supieras y que así podais disfrutar como yo de tanta alegría. Bueno, espero volver a veros pronto y sobre todo dale muchos besos a tu mujer y que espero que siga tan guapa y elegante como siempre. Muchos besitos para los dos


Estimado Javier: Tu revista luce cada día muchísimo mejor, en verdad que debes estar orgulloso de tu trabajo. Abrazo cálido
Julio Novoa


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Emilio Labrada Emilio Bernal Labrada, miembro de la Academia Norteamericana de la Lengua Española, es autor de La prensa liEbre o Los crímenes del idioma. Pedidos a:

Language, Our Daily Fiesta

Cafe Madrid, Chef Pepe "Tomar con Cordura"

Nos informan los maniáticos mediáticos -por algo serán lo que, sin mucha exageración, llaman «locotores»- que las mujeres [sic] embarazadas deben «tomar CON CORDURA». No sé quién será ese señor «Cordura», pero debe ser muy simpático y seductor para que una embarazada, que ya no necesita tanta atención masculina, se sienta tentada ¡a darse tragos con él!

Pero expliquémonos, pues ya esto pasa de castaño oscuro. Se trata de que el alcohol -o mejor dicho la bebida alcohólica- produce efectos tóxicos y daños irrevertibles (no como el inglés irreverSible, puesto que el verbo español es reverTir) en el bebé. De ahí que la presentadora -que a juzgar por apariencias pudiera ser una madre presente o futura- aconseje a las gestantes que ingieran bebidas alcohólicas con ese sujeto, «Cordura», siendo el caso que debería exhortarlas a que se ABSTENGAN totalmente de tal cosa.

Lo que tendrían que hacer, en último caso, es beber con muchísima MODERACIÓN. Dejemos la «cordura» para las que NO quieran volverse locas y embarazarse, sobre todo antes de casarse (hoy día, al menos emparejarse establemente). Y conste que no es por falta de respeto al sexo femenino, sino al revés.

Pues bien, nos siguen diciendo en la emisión noticiera que «lo malo es que los niños nacen con DESÓRDENES debido al alcohol». Creo que el único «desorden» en este caso es el que hay en la cabeza de la presentadora, ya que en español el término correcto es TRASTORNOS, DEFECTOS. O sea que el feto o bebé es mucho más sensible al tóxico y no se repone, como una persona mayor, al día siguiente. Según nos dicen, se trata de recomendaciones formuladas a la ciudadanía por el «cirujano general». Nada, otro personaje misterioso, tal vez amigo de Cordura, que hace intervenciones quirúrgicas en cualquier esquina y cada vez que se le ocurre. Lógico, puesto que si es «general» lo mismo extirpa un callo (no un «cayo», que sería mucho más difícil) que le estira el pellejo collarejo a cualquiera. ¡Dios nos libre de semejante matasanos desnaturalizado y desespecializado!

Sepan nuestros amables lectores que eso que los anglos llaman «Surgeon General» es un cargo público -y no una especialidad- que en nuestro idioma corresponde a «Director de Sanidad» o acaso «Jefe de Salubridad». Lo de «general» indica jerarquía de mando y no es medicinal. Hablando de lo cual, cabe advertir que «salubridad», término muy valedero y castizo, está, como desabrida medicina, en desuso y próximo al eterno rechazo.

¿Será parte del DESORDEN que se palpa por las pretensiones de CORDURA de que quieren hacer alarde los presentadores, precisados, antes bien, de una CIRUGÍA GENERAL más arriba del cuello?

Pero seamos justos. No es para tanto. Bastaría que hicieran un leve esfuerzo por pensar en español.

Barak Obama

Larry DeWitt is an historian and self-described political populist. Larry is a specialist in 20th century U.S. history and public policy. Born in the Southwestern U.S., he has lived in the East for the last 18 years. His commentaries on politics and society still retain the populist spirit of the rural West. See Larry’s past columns here

Identity Group Politics and the Future of the Democratic Party

August 8, 2004

As the keynote speaker at the July 2004 Democratic National Convention in Boston, Illinois Senate-candidate Barack Obama thrilled the jaded convention-goers, although it is not clear that they knew why. They thought it had something to do with his "compelling biography" and his likeable personality.

After all, Obama, is the son of a mixed-marriage between a black Kenyan father and a white mother from the farms of Kansas. He had graduated from Columbia University and Harvard Law School. He had edited the Harvard Law Review. Keep reading

Eric GoodmanEric D. Goodman is a professional writer and editor. He is winner of the Newsletter on Newsletter’s Gold Award for superior electronic newsletter editing and is a two-time finalist in the Chesterfield Writer’s Film Project founded by Steven Spielberg’s Amblin Entertainment. Eric writes both fiction and non-fiction. One of his novels, Thirteen to Gorky, is set in Russia. "Vodka in the Sun" was originally published in "Travel Insights" . Eric resides in Baltimore, Maryland with his wife and daughter. Contact Eric at to discuss reading, writing and Russia.


Vodka in the Sun: Cruising the Motherland

Walking in a Wooden Wonderland

Sitting on the front deck of our Russian cruise ship, the Rodina (Motherland), we watched the sun rise.  As we proceeded north, the birch trees gradually replaced themselves with pines.  The woods were all around us.  And there would be much more wood to come.  We were headed toward Kizhi, the island of miraculous wood construction.

Before noticing the island, I spotted the larger wooden cathedral.  It floated on the horizon like a water-walking savior.  And there it remained, growing bigger and bigger, the island and its holdings becoming visible around it as we drew closer.  It called like a beacon until soon we were in port.

The unique thing about the Kizhi Monastery is that every bit of it is constructed of wood-the two cathedrals and the fence surrounding them.  Not one nail holds the monastery together- only pine and aspen.  Even the impressive onion domes are constructed of hundreds of specially cut aspen shingles. 

The original church, the larger of the two, is the Church of the Resurrection. It is also known as the summer church.  The winter church, or the Church of the Trinity, stands just beside it.  Services are held inside, although most visitors are tourists who are there to see the architecture and the handsome icons inside.

Outside the walls of the monastery is a wonderland of other churches, houses, shops, fences and even a windmill.  They make up an outdoor museum of traditional wooden construction.  A man stood outside a shop in traditional Russian clothes and whittled figurines and toys to sell as souvenirs.  One of the churches had an operating belfry, and a bell master performed every half-hour, sounding throughout the island.

After the belfry's concert, we spent some time walking peacefully around the serene island of Kizhi.  The song "Winter Wonderland" played in my head, only the words were different.

Belfry's ring, are you listening?

Souvenirs, men are whittling.

Our stress will release

On this island of peace,

Walking in a wooden wonderland.


por Fermín García Rodríguez

En vista de la evolución del castellano en los últimos años, debido a las aportaciones realizadas por los jóvenes, la Real Academia de la Lengua dará a conocer, la reforma modelo 2004 de la ortografía española, que tiene como objetivo unificar el español como lengua universal de los hispanohablantes. Siga leyendo la presentación de Power Point.

Montenegro, corresponsal de deportes

por Pepe Herrera


Estoy abordando el tema de Cuba porque  lo considero importante y necesario. Dos Cubas. Quiero felicitar a la señora E. Adan que envió las fotos de las dos Cubas al Coloquio. Estan muy bien hechas y conllevan todo el impacto que el autor se propone.
Pero en realidad, siempre  existieron dos Cubas, aunque quizás no venga al caso,  vale la pena  recordar que existían  los palacetes de la Quinta Avenida de Miramar, en duro contraste  con el Barrio de la Yaguas, un paupérrimo barrio habanero donde  vivían  hacinadas cientos de personas en las peores condiciones higiénicas. Siga leyendo

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