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English Only?


Reasons, ideas, logic, emotions, to stop the movement to impoverish us all by straitjacketing us into one language.

  • Limited English Can Hurt Patients
  • Outstanding reasoning by a thoughtful individual A very rare and refreshing ocurrence.
  • The European Experience submmitted by Lionel Fernandez
  • English for Puerto Rico?
  • Excellent view of an American
  • A "well reasoned" view from an "American"
  • Fascinating view of a true "gringo" on the subject of English Only?
  • Read the testimony of a "Born Again" Hispanic
  • In 1987, Bill Clinton, then the governor of Arkansas, signed a law declaring English the official language in his state. But Clinton would veto a smiliar bill for the United States if it ever came to his desk.
  • Puerto Ricans slighted A letter to the New York Times
  • Racism in Texas A Texas professor on the Texas judiciary and the Spanish language. (Submitted by Felipe Campos)
  • San Antonio Supports Bilingualism
  • Triste Bilingüismo Más sobre el desdichado caso del juez tejano
  • Should English be the nation's official language? See both sides
  • Beating Illegals Bastards!
  • Sin pelos en la lengua What a puertorrican thinks of English only
  • Cedar Rapids, Iowa Gazette editorial The view from the heartland
  • What does the press think about English Only?
  • ACLU Report
  • The Top 40 Hispanic cities in the U.S. The reality: You can't keep good people down
  • A view from Spain
  • Something sacred by Rafaela Castro. (Also in Spanish)
  • Interesting exchange
  • Another excellent article from Latino Link
  • See and study closely the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo

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