La Tauromaquia
The Art of Bullfighting

Tauromaquia is the Greek word for Bullfighting which came to the Spanish language through Latin, the language of Rome and the Roman Empire. Bullfighting is an integral part of the Spanish culture and, having survived centuries of controversy it thrives in Spain, Portugal, México, Colombia, Perú, Ecuador, Bolivia, Panamá, Guatemala, Venezuela, Japan! and, yes, even the United States where this unique art is practiced in California and other Western states.

Mario Carrión, a former professional bullfighter from Seville, Spain is the content manager of this page. Sheldon Cohen, Art Director is the designer. Javier G. Bustamante is the technical webmaster for this page, part of the Hispanic Pages in the USA.


Mario Carrión, a biography

A History of Bullfighting, by Mario Carrión

El Toreo: naturaleza y perspectiva histórica, by Mario Carrión. (in Spanish)

El Toro Bravo, una herencia Hispana, by Mario Carrión. (in Spanish)

Bullfighting: A Primer and a Glossary, an excellent FAQ on the "fiesta" by Tim Hardman